Weigh in

Good morning all.

Today’s weigh in is: 225

Still stuck at the same weight. Last week I started doing the 5:2 diet, it went Ok, however because I over ate at the end of the week I haven’t seen any difference in my weight. This week will be a more ‘normal’ week so next week I will see a difference. I will!

Must lose a stone by Christmas……



As usual, it’s not good news.
225 pounds.  Ouch.

I’m going to revisit the weight rewards that I set myself, I think I have been to generous with myself, and I need to make the rewards for significant weight losses rather than small amounts.

If you have visited my other blog- http://wastedwardrobe.blogspot.com -then you may already know that I am trying the 5:2 diet. East normally for 5 days, fast for 2 days. (Actually it is a calorie reduction to 500 cals) this is meant to put the body into rejuvenation mode, and have lots of health benefits because of this. It also creates a weekly calorie deficit – as long as you don’t go crazy on your normal days.

Today was not a fast day (even though it was meant to be) so tomorrow will have to be one of my deficit days.

I really want to stick to this, it seems like an easier way of creating a calorie deficit by restricting on 2 days rather than all days. But we shall see, and I will keep you posted…