30DS: Day 4

I’m happy to say that I did not ache as much this morning! wooo!

Did the workout today, even though i had barley any time to! I’m glad I did though 🙂

I was quite bad and ate out at a Harvesters today. I did have a jacket potato instead of chips, and a lower calorie option than what I would usually have. I also didn’t finish my main because I was too full. But was super naughty and had a dessert!

Keeping up with my workouts though, sooo hopefully a little naughtiness isn’t too bad. as long as for the rest of this week and next week I’m super good.


30DS: Day 3

This morning I was very achy, especially my quads and calves. walking to and form work helped to stretch it out a bit, but i still felt very stiff and sore.

Did the workout still, and it was hard. particularly the strength sections. the cardio wasn’t as hard on my calves as it was yesterday, don’t know if that’s because I’m getting fitter or because I didn’t work as hard! i think the latter is more likely. I felt like I was working hard though, sweat pouring everywhere!

I’m hoping I wont ache as much tomorrow!

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