Race For Life Training Week #1

In the past week I got 3 running sessions in. Quite proud of myself for that because I struggle with keeping up the motivation to go running. To get myself into 5k shape im using the NHS Couch to 5k podcast – I’ve used this before and found that it did help me to build up how far I could run, until I lost all motivation to run of course.


Run #1: week 1 of C25K – morning run – did not go well. My ankles were a major problem, they became all seized up and stiff the longer I ran. As a result of this, I only made it half way through the programme and walked for the rest of the time. At least I got out there and did half…

Run #2: week 1 of C25K – evening run – went amazingly well. I felt invincible and was smiling to myself while running. No idea why this run was so good, I just felt awesome. After this run I felt able to move to C25K week 2 early. The programme recommends completing each weeek 3 times bedore moving on.

Run #3: week 2 of C25K – morning run – had to make my route a little longer this time as I was running for longer lengths of time, and therefore getting further. The run went really well. It was hard, and my ankles were killing me, but I did all of the podcast. Yay.

So for week 1 of training, not bad. Not bad at all. I’m hoping for another good week this week!

I have some more exciting news. You may have noticed in previous posts that I’ve hinted at something pretty muddy coming up…well, me and two of my girlfriends have signed up for cancer research’s Pretty Muddy event – a 5k obstacle course for ladies. This is happening in July, a month after my work race for life 5k. I have got a lot of training to do!






Running Fail

I went running today, on week 2 of the couch to 5k.

Felt really good as the weather had just brightened up when I left my flat. First interval went well, felt really natural and slipped into the jogging easily. For the last 30 seconds I was struggling, I have a bit of a phlegmy chest at the moment so breathing was hard and my ankles were not very happy. I was wearing my ankle support, but my other ankle felt like it was straining. by the second interval both of my ankles were sore and I was jogging unbelievably slowly to catch my breath.

I got to the half way point, and I had to stop. My ankles were sore, and my breathing was awful. Once I had rested, rehydrated and recovered a bit, I walked the rest of the way back. I walked with a brisk pace and went a slightly longer route back to compensate for not jogging for any of it.

Maybe I’ll drop back to week 1 of the C25K programme the next time I go out to run.