Runday Monday (Kinda!)

I brought my running gear into work with me on Monday, and after work I headed over to Battersea Park.

I had a backpack with all of my clothes, water, and tablet in it on my back. I’ve never ran with a pack on my back before so I found it quite difficult!

I ended up walking most of the route, I had too many issues all at once…

Running was too hard; my shoes were rubbing; the backpack unbalanced me; my earphones kept falling out; and I had indigestion.

It was not the most comfortable run I have ever done…

Distance: 2.6k

Time: 40 minutes

At this rate I’ll be completing the 5k in 1 hour 20 minutes. Not particularly good at all! I only have 3 weeks left until the run, so I’m kicking myself up the bottom and pushing myself into training.

On the plus side ‘Zombies, Run!’ episode 2 was good, I’m still enjoying that and am looking forward to continuing with it!

I’m still raising money for this run on my Justgiving page, the link is on my sidebar >>>>

I’m going to die!!!