Weigh in Wednesday

Umm… so this happened:

Last week: 228 pounds
Today: 225 pounds

Umm how??
I mean…I know I was vommy-mcvomitus at the weekend but…kind of expected that to just jump straight back on board!? And I had mcdonalds yesterday. Does having no biscuits this week counteract that? Unsure.

As mentioned above, no biscuits this week so far. But McDonalds happened also. Soo…not awesome. I’ve been snacking less at work-this could be a stress related thing-but if it means I’m eating better then hey ho.

Due to being incapacitated at the weekend, I didnt run. I planned to run on Monday or Tuesday, but I worked late, missed my bus and had to get a different bus which involved walking for a mile with a really steep hill once I got off. So I think I can be forgiven for not running…
I signed up to my gyms Zumba class, I’m a bit unsure on it but we’ll see how it goes…
On an exercise related tangent, if you’ve been paying attention you may have noticed that Pip and I did not post about our forfeit for failing our BFF Challenge. Guess what, we didn’t do it. So this needs to happen at some point, though the next time I see Pip she will be running a half marathon – so perhaps not then either! This will happen, so I’ll let you know what’s what when I know.

Still cant beleive I lost 3 pounds from last week. Crazy talk! At the moment I am the lightest weight I’ve been this year. I think.

I’d love to lose another 2 pounds for next week and get under the 16 stone (224 pounds) mark, but I’m worried that this is a fluke and it will shoot back up again for next week…well, lets aim high (or rather, low)

Goals for next week
Weight: 223 pounds
Food: keep avoiding biscuits and bad snack foods
Exercise: keep up with running and start Zumba

BFF Challenge

September BFF Challenge Banner

The BFF challenge offically ended on 01.09.14

Bad news, both Pip and I didn’t hit our goals! #Sadface

So we will – unfortunately – have to do our forfeits. Booo! We have this scheduled for this weekend – so I’ll write up an update on this once it has occurred! Just to refresh your memories – my forfeit is to do tricep dips (HORROR) and Pips is kettlebell swings. I am not looking forward to this…


This is how I feel about it. Also, I do love Jenna’s Face.

Weigh in Wednesday

Morning! Another week has flown by. After a weekend full of cheesecake, birthday cake and treats it’s unsurprising that I’ve put on! But not much.

Last week: 229 pounds
This week: 230 pounds
Goal for next week: 227 pounds

Still aiming for under the 224 mark, and I need 220 to complete the BFF Challenge. At this point it’s unlikely to happen, but you never know. It could. Maybe.

Food: Had lots of treats over the weekend, though I didn’t think I was as bad as other weekends but there we go. This week so far I’ve been good with sticking to my calorie limit, but I need to keep this up for the next week and a half – including over the weekends!

Exercise: started the week out well with a run and my 30 day challenges, want to keep it up for the rest of the week!

Sleep: haven’t been sleeping enough, which has an affect on everything food and exercise related. Boo hiss. When I’m tired all I crave is sugar!

Weigh in After-Wednesday

I weighed myself again this morning, to gauge where I’m heading for next week.

Weigh in: 229 pounds
Woo so that’s 2 pounds down from two days ago, which means I was still uber bloated on Tuesday.

Goal for next weds: 227 pounds
Ideally I actually need to lose 3 pounds to be on track for the BFF challenge, if I can get that then awesome, if not, as long as I’m under 16 stone (224) I think I’ll be happy. Maybe. I won’t be whilst doing the tricep dips!!

Weigh in Almost-Wednesday

Morning one and all. I’m away from my scales tomorrow so decided to weigh in a day early.

Last week: 234 (extreme bloating)
This week: 230 pounds
Next week goal: 228 pounds

I’m glad I’ve dropped down from last week. Still have a long way to go if I don’t want to do the forfeit on my BFF Challenge however…

Really trying to control my food intake at the moment, that is most definitely my biggest pitfall. I’ve been struggling to stay within my calorie limit, so I need to try to eat filling foods that are low in calories & sugar. Hopefully that will help.

On the exercise front, I’ve been doing my 30 day challenge every day. I need to throw in some cardio and I think I will see an improvement.

Hope everyone has a good day…

BFF Challenge Update

September BFF Challenge Banner


The official End date for our challenge is 1st September. Just over three weeks from now.

Quite worried on my part, I really don’t want to do those tricep dips…the only way I can pull this back is to deny EVERYTHING bad. Stay well with my calorie limit per day, and stick with my workout schedule.

I need for this to work, I’ve tried lots of things to motivate myself, this has to be the thing that works. Healthy competition with pre-established goals. We all know how awful I am at self-motivating for more than an hour…

Okay so, the plan is to eat right. Stick within the calories, avoid trigger foods – biscuits in particular – and exercise. No matter how tired I am after work.

Gym at least twice per week

Run at least twice per week

Stop eating CRAP

I’m pretty sure Pip will complete her challenge. She’s much better at this than I am! I feel confident she will achieve it because she is so good at focusing herself and pushing for her goals.

My goal is still 220 pounds, originally this was a loss of 7 pounds, but as usual I put weight back on again. So now it is more a loss of 14 pounds. Well, maybe less, I am heavily bloated at the moment so it may be along the lines of 10 pounds or so. I will have to see where I stand next week. It’ll be down to Pip’s decision as to whether if I lose 7 pounds and am still over 220 still counts as completing the challenge. Personally, I don’t think it should.

¬†Feeling extremely negative at the moment. Reading this is probably not particularly fun buut, there we go. It’s how I’m feeling. Enjoy.

August: Challenges

Hello to all!

I have mentioned previously that Pip and I have challenged each other. We’re a week in and I haven’t explained it at all yet! I figured it would be best to wait until today – August 1st – and pop it all in one post with the August challenge I’m taking on.

BFF September Challenge

Duration: 6 weeks (from 28.07.14)
My challenge: lose 7 pounds (220 pound goal)
Pip’s challenge: hit 21% bodyfat

Reward: food treat-some form of giant dessert
Give up a favorite food for a month
Perform a hated exercise until failure
-Pip: Kettlebell swings
-Me: tricep dips

Wooo lets do this!

August challenge

This month I am also taking on a 30 day challenge. I have done the squat challenge before, but I wanted to push myself into doing more with my upper body. This challenge combines four 30 day challenges – squats, push ups, plank, and abs. I may die inside doing this, but I plan to stick with it!

Here’s what I’m following:


Do it with me! We can link up!

Here’s to a happier, healthier August!