I’m still obese. But that doesn’t surprise me as I haven’t lost any weight sooo…..Bummer for me I guess.

to be a ‘healthy’ weight I need to be between 107.8 and 145.7 pounds.

Good job I’m aiming for 130 then really.

I’ve been considering aiming for lower, but I think maybe I should see how I feel when I get to there first. Being healthy is the more important factor here, it’s not just about the numbers.


Turning over a fresh leaf..or whatnot…


First of all, I do apologise for my absence from the blogging world. As you can probably surmise I had a pretty hearty Christmas, which has set me back quite a bit. I’m not entirely sure how much because I have been avoiding the scales, but I know a rough idea from having to be weighed at the pesky doctors. not that doctors aren’t important, they are. just pesky when trying to avoid scales…

Ok, so, i am devising a whole new plan. new year. fresh start. turning over a fresh leaf. etc etc etc . . . . . .

I am  not going to weigh in straight away. i’m going to get into my routine (which im going to do a schedule for)  and once i’ve settled into that i’ll weigh-in again. the reason im doing this is because if i were to weigh in now, and see how much i have put on it will dampen my spirits and make me a little depressive, thus stopping me from wanting to trek to the gym. it makes sense in mmy head… dont worry…

i have summer to work towards now, so i have a more definate goal. as well as this, i’m going to have goals in fitness. in particular, running. im going to give myself distance goals in running. im really not very good with running…at all. so this should be interesting.


wish me luck…

Who’d a Thunken..

good morning…

I was going to write about my epic fail with  not buying chocolate yesterday (i did buy it, and it was gooood) but then i weighed myself, and i’m 2pounds down…how? I really havent been eating very well what with all the chocolate munching yesterday, and the evening tv cracker fest last night (i didnt go out-too sick) im fully expecting  to have fat-inflation in the next few days… (yes, I was picturing myself pumping up like a balloon) I guess ill have to keep you posted on whether it does all pile on at once or not…

BMI: according to scales: 30.0,  according to internet, 30.5… I think I’ll take the scales please thanks.

BMI: 30.0

BMI Target: 24.0

To Lose to get there: 38 pounds

Mini target: lose 2 pounds

( I think my last set of calculations were slightly wrong, ill go back and check/change…)


BMI. Body Mass Index.

Just discovered I have been in the obese category for the past..oh.. year or so.

A Little bit of an eye opener.

need to be 140 pounds to be back in the top end of the healthy category. feels like there’s a long way to go for that… even though I know to some people it wont be that much, but for me it will be a huge achievement. so, 38 40 pounds to shift. good job I ate all the chocolate I have earlier… oh wait… oops.

ok so im thinking, forget the clothes goals, think more of those as benefits, and set new goals.

Current BMI: 30.9

New mini goal: get a BMI of 29.9  (back in overweight category)

Epic Goal: BMI of 24.0/140 pounds