There was a rather big storm today! so I didn’t really want to go running in it…it would be like swimming…so I actually went swimming instead 🙂

been meaning to go for a little while with the best bud, but we were both busy at different times etc etc….

had fun, I’m not very good at swimming, and I’m a really slow swimmer. the only stroke I know how to do is backstroke. I was practising breaststroke today, I’m really not very good at it, and am so slow that an incredibly obese middle-aged man lapped me a good 10 million times before he moved to the next lane up. oops. even Le Best Bud got sick of being stuck behind my slow ass 😉

the pool is 25m in length, 64 lengths make a mile. I did…drumroll…36. over 1/2 a mile. Yay! Definitely didn’t think I would do more than 20. At best.

Started to get the hang of breaststroke, the more I concentrate on breathing technique, the less I think about it, and the easier it is 🙂


Run, run, run, as fast as you can…

Went for run numero 2 this evening.

It went ok…I wasn’t feeling particularly great, I would have been happy to stay in all evening and do nothing, but, obligated to go out with my running buddy, I upped and went out.

I’m glad I did!

It felt good to be outside doing exercise, even though I’m not very good at it. But I’ll get better! so long as my running buddy doesn’t mind being Mr. Motivator when my willpower dies out…

The actual run went well, we must have either walked slower or ran slower, because the podcast finished sooner on our route than last time. I felt better paced though, not quite as dead. however that could be down to my cold getting better-still there, but not quite as aggressive. who knows. It was also colder than last time, warmed up quickly, but the cold air had an effect on my breathing.

I feel good for going out and doing it. Bring on next time. 🙂