Weigh in Wednesday (not) … However, Race For Life 2015

Good afternoon folks!

Today I am not going to weigh in. Dundunduuunnn…

What I am going to write about, however, is my impending Race For Life 5k. Long-time readers may remember my running posts from last year, but to refresh, I did Race for Life 5k and Pretty Muddy 5k in 2014. This year, I have signed up for the Race for Life 5k again.

Location: Battersea Park, London
Date: June 10th
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7 weeks from today! Eep!

Last year I was following the C25K programme, and I got bored of it after 5 weeks or so…typical me really. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to doing it again, so I was thinking about training myself with distance goals, and increasing how much of it I jog. Having said that, I have been out running once in the 2 weeks since I signed up…#motivationfail

I recently happened across Too Fat to Run’s Five Weeks to 5k programme…which sounded impossible to me to begin with…but after taking a look at the programme it looks doable! Alongside this, I am also considering getting the ‘Zombies, Run!‘ app to make running fun, and motivate me to get outside.

I’m looking forward to this…kind of!!


Race For Life Training Week #8

In case you were wondering, I am fully aware that I missed a week. Bad me! After my epic failure of a 20 minute run, I felt hesitant to get back out there. But after a busy week and realising the race was next week (eeeeek) I bucked up the courage to run again.

Run #16: week 5.1 of C25K – originally I had planned to jump back in at week 5.2, but I had a feeling I was being over ambitious. I was right, as the result of this run shows! To recap, this run is 5 mins running, 3 mins walking x 3. The first run I did 4 mins, then had to walk. The second run I got half way through and stopped for 1.5m, then started again, then stopped again. The final run I did the whole thing, and a tiny but extra at the end. With the final section I felt that I had got my stride back, and my breathing was under control. This was by far, not my best run. But, it also was not my worst. Not bad for over a week of not running!

Run #17: week 5.2 of C25K – thus run is 8 min run, 5 min walk x 2. Last time I did this I wasn’t really able to do much. This time I somehow managed to run for 8 minutes for the first time ever. how did that even happen?? By the end of the run I was rocking a powerful stitch and was still struggling to get rid of it by the time the next run came around. The second 8 minutes did not go well at all. I pretty much walked the whole of it…but to be honest, that’s okay because I really pushed to do the first one. Next time I’ll do better.

My Race for Life is next week, on the 11th. So next to no training time left, just 1 run to go until it’s the real thing. I know full well that I won’t be able to run the whole 5k. But I’m going to give it a shot and do my best. Because my best is all that I have to give.

Race For Life Training Week #6

Hi, my name is Becky and I’ve been running for 6 weeks. How has that even happened? I’ve never stuck to an exercise routine for this long before. Ever. Except for PE at school but I’m not sure that counts. I think having a specific event to train for is what has given me the motivation to stick with this and see it through to the bitter end! With this determination, I give you this weeks runs…

Run #13: week 5.1 of C25K – this week is a little different, each run has a different structure. The first one is 5 mimutes running, 3 minutes walking x 3. Sisterbell accompanied me again on this one, and I felt like we were a little more on even footing. Just a little. I did have to stop half way through the second 5 min run, but only to stretch out my ankles. They were sore and stiff. My stop only cost me 30 seconds or so, and I completed all of the rest of it despite having a god awful stitch throughout the last run. The next run is 8 mins running…I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time…

Run #14: week 5.2 of C25K – this run was 8 mins running, 5 mins walking x 2. I was dreading this a little, and I think I was right to as I was not able to run for a full 8 mins. I only took very short breaks, but ut was hard work. It was a good feeling that there was only 2 runs, which helped me to carry on. I was feeling good afterwars, and opted to move onto the next run rather than repeat it.

Run #15: week 5.3 of C25K – 20 minutes of running. I’m sorry what? Thats quite a big jump. I gave it a shot anyway, and it was awful. I couldnt do it. My ankles were killing me, I was frustrated that o couldnt do it-especially as there is only 2.5 weeks until my race for life. I ended up sobbing a bit. Sob-running is never attractive. Ever. I’m going to repeat week 5.2 and 5.3…

Race For Life Training Week #5

This week has gone much better. Not feeling quite as despondent as last week! However I only got 2 runs in…

Run #11: week 4 of C25K – First attempt at doing this again after the epic fail last time. It wasn’t as bad. I went alone this time, and I think it helped me get myself back into the running zone. I wasn’t competing with anyone or trying to keep up with a pace I couldn’t sustain, so I acheived more. I didn’t complete the whole run so I’m going to need to do this week again until I can, otherwise I’ll be moving even more out of my depth and risk another meltdown. I did the first 3 mins, then had to stop during the 5 min for about a min and a half. I didnt do any of the second 3 min, but…I did the whole of the last 5 mins. Yay new running record!

Run #12: week 4 of C25K – this is meant to be week 5, but as I said above there’s no point in moving to the next week if I can’t complete this one. So with that in mind, I went out and completed it. All of it. I knew I could run 5 mins from last time, and I knew I needed to complete it or risk falling behind on the programme, so it just kind of happened. Wooooooo! I also switched to using Nike+ instead of map my run, there’s just a couple of extra features on the nike app that puts it in better stead than MMR. I feel really happy about completing the run, and I feel good that I can now move onto the next run. And scared. Eeeep!

Race For Life Training Week #4

Oh gosh is getting closer now. Just over a month to go! If you can, I would really appreciate it if you could visit my page and donate whatever you can, its for a great cause! Click here to do a good deed! Many thankyou’s!

Run #8: week 3 of C25K – This one I did at the gym on a treadmill. For mums birthday we had a spa day so decided to make use of the gym and then relax for the rest of the day! Did the whole run, no stops or unscheduled walking. Now its time to move onto week 4, and I’m a little terrified to be honest! It moves up to 3mins and 5 mins running…

Run #9: week 4 of C25K – dreading this run. And rightly so, it seems I’m unable to run for 5 minutes, but I tried to. I think it helped that sister came out with me, I was prompted to try harder to complete the run. Overall not an awful run, just had to take more walking breaks than I would have liked to.

Run #10: week 4 of C25K – worst run ever. This run prompted this post and as you can tell from reading it, the run didn’t go well. I don’t think I ran for longer than 2 minutes. So… Not feeling very positive after that.

Next week’s a new week. I need to do this.

Race For Life Training Week #3

Weeee another week is over! Unfortunately I only managed 2 runs this week, too much food at the weekend + doing stuff for mums birthday = no time!

Run #6: week 3 of C25K – well I can undoubtedly say that I never reached week 3 when I was doing this before. I thought I had, but I definitely have not. This one is 90 secs running, 90 secs walking, 3 mins running, 3 mins walking. X 2. Well I certainly threw myself into this one. My ankles were killing me during this run, so I did end up missing the 90second run on the repeat. But, I did both 3 min sections. I have not run for that length of time ever.  Maybe when I was small but defo not for a looong time! I felt a little epic after doing that…

Run #7: week 3 of C25K – I wasn’t really looking forward to doing this, but I dragged myself (and my sister) out regardless. I did all of the running sections this time, I think running with sisterbell helped because I didn’t want to fail at running and have to call her back (she is much fitter than I am and had no trouble with it). I’m glad I pushed myself through this session.

Race For Life Training Week #2

Eep it’s getting closer! I only got 2 runs in last week unfortunately, but this week will be better!

Run #4: week 2 of C25K – This run was not great. My ankles were hurting and I couldn’t breathe. I did 4 out of the 6 running sections, but I’m proud of myself for continuing. The two I missed were in the middle, so it took alot for me to do the last 2 sections.

Run #5: week 2 of C25K – I really didn’t feel like running. But as I had just eaten a whole easter egg I had to force myself to go out. It went well. I did all of the sections and felt really good afterwards for doing it. Yay for endorphins! I did get a stich, so I stretched it out while walking, and continued on. In this run I was conciously trying to keep my head up and forward. Doing this really helped my posture and breathing while running, and I felt like I was running faster too. More of this in future please!

This week I want to do 4 runs, and blast through week 3 of C25K. This week is a big one for me. If I get past this week I will have got further on C25K than ever before, in a short amount of time too. Slightly scary! I hope I can do this…

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