Weigh in Day

Good morrow all!

Weigh in today: 222 pounds

-3 pounds from last week! wooo! FINALLY seeing some progress! Lets keep this going!

I think the main thing that has worked for me this week is my calorie intake has been relatively low. (You can see my S health stats here!) I have been attempting to do the fasting thing, but I get too hungry and end up eating more, but, I’m not overeating. Despite being above my goal I am still below 1600 (most days) which is my daily limit anyway!

This week I plan to continue this, and I would like to try and squeeze in some exercise (other than my everyday walking) to try and boost the weight loss into a continuation!

Next week I would like to see myself at 220 or less, so fingers crossed…



Highest weight: 213 pounds

Last weeks weight: 213 pounds

This weeks weight: 211 pounds

Progress: -2 pounds


Hopefully by next week I’ll be out of the 200-and-teens!

I know it’s only a number, but losing something makes me feel like healthy eating and doing the workout is completely worth it. I hope it continues!

Aiming for a lower calorie intake and keeping up with it has helped loads. Even if it does feel like torture to have to avoid foods I always overeat on!

Jillian’s 30 Day Shred is great, and I’m so motivated to keep it up, no thought of having days off has crossed my mind 🙂

Have a good week!