Weigh in (not) Wednesday

Morning all.

I know I’m a day late on this, but I wasnt at home yesterday morning and subsequently had no access to my scales. I did, however, weigh myself this morning. Lets just say I had a bad week and leave it at that shall we? I’m horrendously bloated and overfull at the moment so I need to deflate before I can get an accurate reading on my weight.

So, over to my progress reports!

Last weeks goal: Eat within my calorie limit 6 / 7 days
I managed: 3 / 7 days
Not great, and clearly that’s had an effect on my weight. I ate out a couple of times this week and made excuses for it. Not much more to say on this really!

Last weeks goal: Burn 6000 calories
I managed: to over eat at bring it up to 6950 calories, but also burned 720. 720 / 6950 calories overall.
Again, this is not great and is down to overeating again.

Last weeks goal: Get 8 hours sleep 4 out of 7 nights
I managed: 3 / 7 nights
I need to get into a habit of getting to bed that little bit earlier. I have such limited time in the evenings that everything gets pushed back and I end up going to bed late.

Goals For Next Week
Weight: 220 pounds
Food: Eat within calorie limit 5 / 7 days
Exercise: Burn 6000 calories
Sleep: Get 8 hours sleep 4 / 7 nights


Weigh in Wednesday

Morning one and all, would you believe it’s November already?? Where has the time gone??

It’s another Wednesday so here we go:

Last week: 225 pounds
Today: 224 pounds
1 pound loss and I hit the goal of 224 set last week! Yazoooo

If you remember, or for those who are new around here, I set some goals in 3 month intervals. The first one is 205 pounds by 21.12.14 – I am currently 19 pounds away from that. If I can lose 2-3 pounds a week this month (around 10 pounds by the end of the month) I’ll be in good standing to get at least somewhere near 205 in December. But it means really knuckling down.

Last weeks goal: Eat within my calorie limit 5 out of 7 days.

I didn’t do particularly well on this one, I managed 2 out of 7 days. Which is better than some weeks previously, but not where I need to be!

Over the weekend I was away for a friends birthday (HI MAXX HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and there was cake and nibbles…but I do think I was much more controlled than I would have been before, and made some healthy choices. Improvement in my eyes…

Last weeks goal: burn the extra 2500 calories I overate by last week.

Weeelll…this didnt happen, though I did keep track of it. I ate an additional 2500 calories this week, so I am still over my intake. But by 5000 calories this time…

Didn’t do so well on the exercise front this week, however I did do a huge amount of walking on Saturday and Sunday which helped to counteract the pizza and cake. I had fully intended to go running with my running group on Monday evening, but my car isn’t working at the moment and I was still exhausted from my busy weekend.

Last weeks goal: get 7-8 hours of sleep a night 4 nights out of 7

Didn’t do so well on this one either, got 2 nights of decent sleep out of 7…Clearly that needs to change!

Goals for next week
Weight: 222 pounds
Food: eat within my calorie limit 5 out of 7 days
Exercise: Burn 5000 calories. This may be a little unrealistic, but we’ll see how it goes.
Sleep: Get 4 out of 7 nights good sleep – 8 hours

Happy Wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday

Okay, okay, so I missed a week again. Sorry!

Last Week: 230 pounds
I bounced right up last week, thank you water retention…
Gained 3 pounds

Today: 223 pounds


I’ll just let that sink in.

7 pounds in a week. Granted a lot of that was water retention draining away, but I’ve been within my calorie limit for the past 4 days which has helped immensely.

I am now just under the 16 stone mark again. Finally! Hello 15!

Like I said above, I’ve been eating better and low in calories. Clearly that made a big difference!

I’ve been really sedentary over the weekend due to having the cold from hell. Luckily my eating has been mostly under control.

I slept for decent ampunts of time over the weekend and monday, which I think has contributed.

Goals for next week

Weight: 222 pounds

Food: Keep it within my calorie limit to have a big enough deficit

Exercise: do some! 

Sleep: go to bed earlier during the week

Weigh in Wednesday

Morning! Another week has flown by. After a weekend full of cheesecake, birthday cake and treats it’s unsurprising that I’ve put on! But not much.

Last week: 229 pounds
This week: 230 pounds
Goal for next week: 227 pounds

Still aiming for under the 224 mark, and I need 220 to complete the BFF Challenge. At this point it’s unlikely to happen, but you never know. It could. Maybe.

Food: Had lots of treats over the weekend, though I didn’t think I was as bad as other weekends but there we go. This week so far I’ve been good with sticking to my calorie limit, but I need to keep this up for the next week and a half – including over the weekends!

Exercise: started the week out well with a run and my 30 day challenges, want to keep it up for the rest of the week!

Sleep: haven’t been sleeping enough, which has an affect on everything food and exercise related. Boo hiss. When I’m tired all I crave is sugar!

Weigh in Almost-Wednesday

Morning one and all. I’m away from my scales tomorrow so decided to weigh in a day early.

Last week: 234 (extreme bloating)
This week: 230 pounds
Next week goal: 228 pounds

I’m glad I’ve dropped down from last week. Still have a long way to go if I don’t want to do the forfeit on my BFF Challenge however…

Really trying to control my food intake at the moment, that is most definitely my biggest pitfall. I’ve been struggling to stay within my calorie limit, so I need to try to eat filling foods that are low in calories & sugar. Hopefully that will help.

On the exercise front, I’ve been doing my 30 day challenge every day. I need to throw in some cardio and I think I will see an improvement.

Hope everyone has a good day…

Weigh in Day

Good morrow all!

Weigh in today: 222 pounds

-3 pounds from last week! wooo! FINALLY seeing some progress! Lets keep this going!

I think the main thing that has worked for me this week is my calorie intake has been relatively low. (You can see my S health stats here!) I have been attempting to do the fasting thing, but I get too hungry and end up eating more, but, I’m not overeating. Despite being above my goal I am still below 1600 (most days) which is my daily limit anyway!

This week I plan to continue this, and I would like to try and squeeze in some exercise (other than my everyday walking) to try and boost the weight loss into a continuation!

Next week I would like to see myself at 220 or less, so fingers crossed…

S health food stats


Ignore the meal categories-because I use MyFitnessPal, I just put the total amount of calories on S Health.

As you can see, I’ve been getting much better at hitting my calorie goal. Attempting fasting is helping me with this because I’m consciously trying to limit what I eat. You can see which days were meant to be fasting days just from looking at the graph (I love graphs) and overall I am still in a calorie deficit because excluding Tuesday, I am still less than 2000 calories (female RDA). This should have a positive effect on my weight loss!!