Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 206

Current weight: 206

Progress from last week: 0

Overall Progress: +1

My scales couldn’t seem to decide what I weighed. I weighed myself several times and they kept throwing up different numbers! I took the number that came up most often. I think its time to find a new battery for my scales.

Maintained again, I was half expecting to put on. I’m bound to put on over Christmas, but I’m going to try not to go too mad with food. I also plan to take advantage of the treadmill at home!

Next Monday I’m expecting to see a gain, hopefully not too much of one, but a gain none the less. As a target I’m going to try and maintain for this week, after the festivities at the beginning of the week, I’ll still have the end of the week to try and balance out again.

Highest weight: 213

loss so far: 7 pounds

target: not to put on over Christmas week


Merry Christmas!


The bane of my life….

Co-op’s own brand crispy white chocolate. SO TEMPTING. Hard To Resist…failed at resisting yesterday, so that was fun. we’ll see how that affects my weight… 😐 eep.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/co-operativestores/5980185619/    <<  THE DEVILISH CHOCOLATE…..AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

I would go to the gym and try to boost some weight loss…but that means i’ll have to walk back..change etc… and walk back up the hill…  ok, so i should go. no use in wasting the membership im paying for….

weeell… we’ll see how tired i am later.. i do still have an assignment to do that is due in on tuesday. which i havent started. 😐  . . .

Epic Fail

well, the weekend has passed and an epic fail on the healthy food plan. it involved lots of chocolate, big amounts of food, and overeating. 😦

Oh well, onwards and upwards. could have been worse. [insert cliché here]

Still epicly ill, lots of cough syrup for me. not overly concerned with exercise at the moment, still did walking over the weekend and whatnot, but nothing extra as of yet. hopefully a zumba epidemic will begin shortly if Miss KB is agreeable!

water also was pretty dire over the weekend, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh-er start.

Who’d a Thunken..

good morning…

I was going to write about my epic fail with  not buying chocolate yesterday (i did buy it, and it was gooood) but then i weighed myself, and i’m 2pounds down…how? I really havent been eating very well what with all the chocolate munching yesterday, and the evening tv cracker fest last night (i didnt go out-too sick) im fully expecting  to have fat-inflation in the next few days… (yes, I was picturing myself pumping up like a balloon) I guess ill have to keep you posted on whether it does all pile on at once or not…

BMI: according to scales: 30.0,  according to internet, 30.5… I think I’ll take the scales please thanks.

BMI: 30.0

BMI Target: 24.0

To Lose to get there: 38 pounds

Mini target: lose 2 pounds

( I think my last set of calculations were slightly wrong, ill go back and check/change…)

Porridge love

Oh porridge, I always forget how much i like you.

your warming feel as you fill my tummy on a cold morning, the subtle flavours you can be bought in, like oat so simple’s almond and honey. or oat so simple’s golden syrup. or just plain porridge oats with jam.

jam is always good in porridge.

Porridge you fill me up, and stop me from snacking, at least for an hour or so.

until chocolate stares me in the face, and jumps down my throat.

dont be disheartened porridge, i am still full up with you, chocolate was just too pushy.

i’m sorry, it wont happen again.