Wednesday Weigh in

Good morrrrning!

I maintained this week, I need to shake up my food I think to start shifting the weight off. More fruits and veggies are much needed! I always intend to eat better but it never really happens…bad me. Am going to really try hard this week to eat better…

Exercise: aiming for 3 runs this week, and a trip to the gym. Not sure when ill fit that in buut I’ll try to make it work!

Life: more positivity is always a good thing. I need to overhaul my wardrobe and find clothes that are suitable for summer, and maybe it’s time to let go of some of the items I’ve been hanging onto…



So I was looking at my progress chart earlier this week (here’s the original post about it!) and I realised that, even though I’ve been progressing really slowly, in the past 7 weeks Ive lost half a stone. 7 pounds. that’s a pound a week on average. needless to say, I was quite pleased when I realised this, and I feel really motivated to keep at this, even if it is too slow for my liking!

Progress chart above is a pic of the up-to date progress chart. The purple line is my weight, the green lines are my original aims, and my current target line. The red pins are where I am now, and my epic goal for when I’m back to uni.

Apologies for the bad blurry quality of the pic, my camera isn’t working so had to use blurry webcam!

Using a chart has helped me keep my weight in mind when I’ve contemplated eating junk foods, which has helped me to resist them.

Another tool I use to keep me motivated is by trying to fit into old clothes. I have tons of clothes that don’t fit any more, you can follow my wardrobe escapades here.


Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 210

Current weight: 208

Progress from last week: – 2 pounds

Overall Progress: +3 pounds

I am so relieved I lost this week. I even hit the target I set myself and everything! I was worried when I maintained last week that I would end up maintaining again for weeks! Finally back into the 14 stone area. still a long way to go, but small progress is still progress.

To achieve this I’ve been eating smaller meals and only eating when truly hungry – if I feel hungry I let myself feel it for a while, if it goes away then it was just a craving, if it gets worse then I’m actually hungry!

Lets see if I can smash 2 pounds out of the way this week!


P.S. I have a second blog, all about my clothes that i dont wear/dont fit me anymore, check it out: