An Unintentional Workout…

For my Dad’s Father’s Day present, we all clubbed together and got him a Hovercraft Driving Experience – which myself and my 2 siblings would also be partaking in. This was booked for yesterday.

I could wax lyrical about how fun it was, and exhilarating, etcetera, etcetera. What I really want to talk about is how unexpectedly physical it was. I woke up this morning with some phenomenal aches and pains!

To drive the craft, you are on your knees. To steer, you have handlebars (like on a bicycle) – but you also need to put your weight to the side you are steering towards – turn right, lean right. This was much more difficult that it sounds; basically the weight trasfer helps to swing the craft around, it’s all about getting the right balance and leaning at the right time! I ended up pulling and pushing on the handlebars to help with getting enough motion to swing around the ends of the oval course. I also felt a lot of strain when I went off the course, and had to shimmy the craft over the uneven ground until it was able to go easily again! No wonder I ache. At the time though, I was much more focused on how fun it was.

And indeed it was fun. Even Mum joined in! Once you get a little more used to driving it, it’s amazing to whiz around the course over grass and water without a break in stride! As a matter of fact, I felt that the craft went smoother and faster over the water – I assume this is because it’s a flatter surface – no pesky grass in the way!

Achey parts:

  • Knees – from kneeling on them!
  • Thighs
  • shoulders
  • forearms
  • back
  • hands

Despite all of that, I highly recommend going if you get a chance to!