Friday = Leg Day


Leg day happened, courtesy of Scott dragging my sorry ass to the gym. Which is good…But also painful. So. Many. Lunges.

Here’s what I did:


Warm up – 8 x bar only (20kgs – all weights below will include this 20kg)

6 x 40kg

8 x 50 kg

8 x 60kg – 3 sets

Walking Lunge

5kg each hand x 20 – 3 sets

Treadmill Walking Lunge

50 x 2 sets

Leg Extension

20 x 35kg – 3 sets


Those lunges just about killed me. Stairs are not my friend at the moment…

I also did day 1 of my 30 Day Challenge when I got home – the squats were so difficult!

Even the Best Laid Plans…

…can go to waste.


I was meant to go to the gym today- as I said earlier in my weigh in post this morning. But, true to form, I didnt. Although, I did go on a run. Here’s how it went:

5 min warm up walk

1 min run

walk break

1.5 min run

walk break

1 min run

walk break

1 min run

20 mins total

Distance: 2km


Pretty much an awful run. Literally felt like I couldn’t manage anything. My ankles were hurting, my breathing was all crappy and I had no motivation whatsoever. I am glad I went out though, I feel like that was the hardest step, to get back out there and run. Next time will be better.

In other news, I finally made a training schedule – just need to print it and pin it up. I have stuff scheduled for 5 days, and 2 rest days spread out during the week.

My theory is that if I can stick to this, I’ll be well on my way to suceeding in the BFF challenge. Alongside eating well. 


Weigh in day

It’s that time of week again – Weigh in day!

I feel I also need to reiterate my goals to myself, so my apologies for repeating myself, but I’m in need of some self-encouragement!

Last week: 228 Pounds

This week: 228 pounds

No loss or gain this week, I’m a little surprised as over the weekend I ate a lot. Though I suppose hiking must have counteracted that. (Yay)

My Goals:

In 5 weeks time: loose 7 pounds. I want to have lost this by the time I climb Ben Nevis. More would be nice of course, but I think this is very achievable.

NY resolution: loose 2 stone minimum by July (weigh in at 200 pounds)

Summer goal: 180 pounds

Healthy BMI goal: 145 pounds

Ultimate goal: 130 pounds

I need to stay positive and cut out all the crap. I’m choosing to challenge myself with things throughout the year, like with climbing Ben Nevis. My next challenge is yet to be decided, but I’m thinking along the lines of running. Maybe a 5k race or something of the sort.

Happy Wednesday everybody

Personal Training Session

My gym membership came with an unexpected bonus – a free personal training session. Yay

I had this today, after work. felt a bit awkward about it, but she did a lot of good stuff with me, and we looked at how much I could lift on the different free weights and resistance machines. We did some cardio as well, and improving stamina. (She got me to jog on the treadmill, and I was already pretty wiped from all of the other things we had done!). The session was more to look at what I want to improve and what exercises/machines would achieve that.

OK, so I cant remember everything we did…but I’ve listed what I can remember!

  • Warm up: 5 mins on the cross-trainer, on level 5 (this can be whatever resistance you are comfortable with, something that isn’t too strenuous, but you can feel)
  • Stretches! VERY important of course. stretch everything from head to toe, and why not throw in some yoga poses!
  • Cable Pull downs, 6.5kg, 8-10 x 3 (I don’t know the correct terms for these, so forgive me if I am wrong!)
  • Cable row, 9kg, 8-10 x 3.
  • Free weights: Leg Press, 10kg each side, 8-10 x 3
  • Free weights: Chest Press, 5kg each side, 8-10 x3
  • Swiss ball squats: 4kg, squat and hold for 10 seconds x 3
  • Walking lunges: 3kg, lunge across studio and back 3-4 times
  • Resistance machines: Abs, 10kg 8-10 x 3
  • Resistance machines: Triceps (pushing away action. Elbows rest on pad, arms push away) approx. 5-7.5kg
  • Resistance machines: Leg lift (sat down, ankles hooked under roll cushion, lift legs) approx 10kg
  • Resistance machine: Backwards leg lift (laid down on front, ankles hooked under roll cushion, lift legs) approx 10kg
  • The Plank… 3 x 10 second intervals. Increase this as you get better!
  • Treadmill: 8.5% incline, 4.5mph; a brisk walk up an incline. After 5 mins or so, switch to 0% incline, and a jogging speed. I was on 6.5mph. This was a very light jog, and I was knackered! ran for about 3-4mins before stopping. (I got a stitch and needed water. No water bottle! Have been instructed to bring bottle next time)

After this, we had a chat about nutrition and she gave me some info on this with meal plan suggestions. We didn’t do the whole workout today, I did minimum 1 set of each, but the whole shebang on the squats, lunges and plank. The idea of this plan is to increase the reps to 15-20, and increase the weights being lifted. This will up both endurance and strength. It’s a flexible plan, for example I don’t have to do all of my sets at once, I could machine jump and do the next set after a different set. I like it. It’s encouraged me to use more of the machines and to get more involved in pushing myself to improve the weight I’m lifting.

I have a feeling I may end up a lifting loony like my bestest bud, RoanRider . Maybe. Maybe not. 

I have another session booked with my PT in the beginning of February. This one is not free, however I am going to give it a go to see if I feel it’s worth sticking with a PT, or going it alone (with some help from the internet…)

Happy Wednesday!


Woo gym day! did lots of cardio. Felt pretty epic…

Did some ruuuninggg. ran for longer than I thought I could, which felt epic. I think it was approx 4-5 mins in one go, then again a bit after for 2-3mins. I also did incline walking in between. All while watching Big Bang Theory 😀

I also did 20mins on the cross trainer, while watching HARRY POTTER. It made me happy.

Next Gym day: Thursday!

Goal: run more! – perhaps think about the couch to 5k programme again? but inside this time? As K9 would say, ‘Affirmative’

The Misery That is Weigh Day

I haven’t done a weight post in a while.  Blindingly obvious why!

Ive been up to about 224, but headed back down again and am currently sitting around 222. Not awesome, but there we go.

I’ve implemented a new strategy of weight goal rewards. When I hit a goal weight, I am allowed a reward treat. This will only work if I don’t eat anything resembling the rewards for the duration of this!


218/Pasty   213/Chips   209/Christmas food   207/biscuits   203/Chocolate bar   199/Pizza   191/cheesecake   187/Harvester   183/Milkshake

179/BBQ   175/New Outfit

I am well aware that all bar one are food-related rewards! I was thinking that it would give me more reason to avoid all of those foods until I am allowed them as a reward, otherwise I am totally shooting myself in the foot here. There are events/dates associated with these too, however I think some months it may take me longer to reach the goal than others, so they’re more of a flexible calendar. One of the biggest ones, is to be 209 pounds to be allowed to have christmas food. That is THE one I HAVE to stick to. If I don’t hit that, I’m in for a miserable holiday season!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to fit exercise around my job. My sister and I went jogging on sunday, and I want to continue to do this. It will be a huge commitment, and will involve running late in the evening because of the time I get home from work. However, as long as we plan our route and go as soon as I get back and change to running gear, this should be do-able 2-3 times a week-including the weekend.

Another way to get some exercise in is to join up with my local gym. It offers a ‘commuter’ membership. This means I will be able to use the gym 7-9am (not that I would have time to as I would be travelling by then) 6-10PM, and weekends all day. this seems like a good solution, gym-ing straight after work and at the weekend. There are also a couple of fitness classes I may be able to take if I take up this membership. Definitely something worth thinking about there!

The third way is of course, the old chestnut ‘take the stairs’. My office is on the 4th floor, usually I take the lift up, and the stairs down. I could begin to take the stairs up too to increase my daily exercise…Only problem with this is if I’m going up with someone, who wants to take the lift. It’s a little rude to break off a conversation because you want to take the stairs…But we’ll see. This is something that I can implement straight away-definitely worth doing I think.

Next weigh day I hope to bring better news!

Shred update

I’ve been naughty and have missed a whole load of shreds!

Today was meant to be the last day, however I have missed 14 days. (not consecutively, there are one or two workouts thrown in there!)

Today I did level 2 day 6 (day 16 overall) And to punish myself further, I have started the 30 day squat challenge again.

The workout today went well, I’m not doing so many variations (like I was a couple of posts ago due to sore shoulders!) So I like to think that’s an improvement! I need to be so much stricter on myself with these. EG If there’s a day when I can’t do it for whatever reason, I must make sure I do another kind of workout. whether that’s some strength moves, or a walk, maybe even a run or bike ride!

I just marked up my graduation goal on my weight loss chart, and Its a very steep decline. only way I’ll be able to hit it is if I am super strict on myself with both food and exercise.