Weight update

I haven’t been blogging about my weight recently, but I have been weighing in. I put on some weight a couple of weeks ago, and since then I have been losing it again. (221 down to 216 over 2 weeks)


Current stats:

Weight: 216 pounds

Goal for next week: 215 pounds


My holiday is in 9 weeks, and my original holiday goal was to be 180 pounds. I don’t see that happening anymore. I would like to be at 200 pounds (actually, I’d like to be much lighter than that but realistically in this time span…)

I don’t think this will have much of an effect on my self-image, or my body shape , but being healthier will be a good thing. But who knows, maybe it will affect my body shape. It would be nice to fit into my summer clothes again.



Weigh in!

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 204 pounds

Progress so far: -1

Mum’s progress so far: -3

It’s not been a great week for me, buuut this week will be better. after today.

I will catch up! I Willllll!!