Lipo Slender & Natural Cleanse

Good Evening all.

Today I started taking Lipo Slender and Natural Cleanse. Lipo Slender is a green coffee dietary supplement. It boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite and has antioxidants in it. Natural Cleanse is basically a detox pill.

I did not spend much to get these, if they were expensive I wouldn’t have bothered!

Going to update my blogs with info about these, and whether they work or not…I’m a little sceptical to be honest, but who knows…



Hello world!

So I’ve been thinking about ‘detox’, what exactly is it? and is it as beneficial as it is said to be? from what i understand, it’s when you eat only things that are full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to flush your system of all the bad stuff you’ve been eating. (which in my case is a lot of bad stuff)

I was thinking about eating only fruit, veg, and soup for the next two weeks or so, and seeing what affect that has on me. hopefully a positive one!

This will be hard for me as I am not so good with keeping on top of my diet. But I shall tryyyyy!!!!!