Thursday Run

I ran on Thursday evening with my running group. I almost didn’t go because I was falling asleep on the train back from work – I only had about 4 hours sleep the night before. It was a short one (I lumped myself in with the beginners!) And we also did a bit of fartlek training afterwards. The run went better than Mondays, though towards the end I was getting pain in my lower back again. I think stretching for longer beforehand helped! More of that please. The fartlek training did not go as well. We were running halfway across a bridge at 80% of our top speed, and gently jogging back to the start – repeat three times. After the first one I was wheezy, so had to go to my car to grab my inhaler…then I tried my second one, and I felt exhausted and wobbly on my legs. So I cheated a little and didn’t do the third one. I’m glad I didn’t, I felt quite woozy when I stopped. On the other side of that, I feel like I should have pushed myself more to do it…I don’t know. Confusing.

Run Stats
Distance: 2.2km
Total Time: 19:24
Moving Time: 18:03
Average Pace: 8:18/km


Fartlek Stats:
Distance: 0.7km
Total Time: 9:53
Moving Time: 4:38
Average Pace: 6:39

On the run my average pace has improved. Though the more of a course I run the better that will get on its own. The Fartleks saw my pace improve by leaps and bounds, as expected when almost sprinting!

I’m looking forward to the next run



I went for a run today! My neck feels fine and I decided to not let it stop me from training any longer. I made the beginnings of a training plan, the basis of it is to up my distance each week. I’d like to be able to run the whole distances, but that will come with time and continuity. And pushing myself to.

Today I did 0.75 miles in approx 10 mins.
1 min warmup walk
5.5 min run
2.5 min walk
1 min walk

For the next one I would like to run for more of the distance, but I was quite pleased with what I did.

By the end of the month I’ll be running 2 miles …and hopefully actually running for the whole time!

Next run: Wednesday – 0.75 miles


There was a rather big storm today! so I didn’t really want to go running in it…it would be like swimming…so I actually went swimming instead ūüôā

been meaning to go for a little while with the best bud, but we were both busy at different times etc etc….

had fun, I’m not very good at swimming, and I’m a really slow swimmer. the only stroke I know how to do is backstroke. I was practising breaststroke today, I’m really not very good at it, and am so slow that an¬†incredibly¬†obese middle-aged man lapped me a good 10 million times before he moved to the next lane up. oops. even Le Best Bud got sick of being stuck behind my slow ass ūüėČ

the pool is 25m in length, 64 lengths make a mile. I did…drumroll…36. over 1/2 a mile. Yay! Definitely didn’t think I would do more than 20. At best.

Started to get the hang of breaststroke, the more I concentrate on breathing technique, the less I think about it, and the easier it is ūüôā

RUN! …No really, run.

Just got back from running. really struggled with this one, especially starting out. I think my cold is still lurking in my chest, and I didn’t have my asthma pump. equals struggle and much coughing. I’m glad we went out though. also glad that it wasn’t raining¬†any more!

Pushed myself (actually Miss Motivator pushed me, and I complied) on the last run, going fast than before, and instead of stopping early like I did on my first run, slowed the pace down instead. I guess you could call that progress…of the slow and painful kind…that makes you feel sick afterwards…

I’m finding it difficult to work out what to wear when running, especially when the weather is cold, as I don’t want to keep getting sick. today I had a hoodie on the whole time, and got very warm. I kept it on because I didn’t want to cool down too much when switching to and from walking. Hard decisions….maybe run in a gilet (bodywarmer) when its really cold? ¬†or is there a fancy fabric that can keep you warm and cool at the same time?


anywaaaay, Ive done week 1 of the podcast 3 times, so I am now allowed to¬†graduate¬†to the week 2 podcast, but I really don’t feel that would be a good idea just yet. maybe one or two more of the week 1, then move up. I’m worried about pushing myself too soon, getting injured, and losing all motivation…

weigh day again!

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 205 pounds

Progress so far: 0


Maintained this week, a little disappointing, I would have like to have lost but oh welllll.

I am going to start running this week – on a¬†treadmill –¬†I’m really not very good at running, I’m going to have to start with small distances and increase as I improve.

I’m hoping I wont gain this week, but as I’m at home again there’s a risk that I will eat too much!

to-do: post a proper start weight photo

run on treadmill


Did a mega session at the gym today, burnt a total of 766 calories, and¬†travelled¬†(on the machines) 14.15km all together…. I’m assuming its¬†kilometres¬†its measured in? :S that’s more than I’ve ever done at any one time before ūüôā yay me…

hopefully this newfound endurance will continue and improve… maybe I’ll end up living at the gym like a true gym bunny…. hmm…bit far fetched maybe?