March Plans

Good Morrow to all!

March is upon us, and spring has always been a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. this month, I’m going to make some changes in my life/routine/mindset which will benefit my health and weight loss.

The biggest change I am going to implement is clean eating. I am choosing to attempt to eat foods in their most natural form. There may be times when this isn’t possible/temptation happens/no food but processed foods are available; however I am going to stick with it and not give up at the first hurdle. This means that even if I’m out eating somewhere, I will be choosing the cleaner options (e.g. instead of a chicken burger and chips, have a chicken breast and vegetables).

Picking myself back up after Inevitably falling off the wagon this month leads me straight into positive thinking. I tend to become very introverted and upset with myself when I eat badly, and subsequently end up thinking negative thoughts all the time. To avoid this, I’m going to snap myself out of a downwards spiral as quickly as possible, and write lists of positive things to get me thinking on the right track. If I eat something I shouldn’t, I’m not going to beat myself up about it, I’m going to tell myself it’s OK, you had a treat, now get back to eating the right things. instead of having a whole day ruined because I ate one bad thing and deciding the rest of the day is subsequently ruined.

The next big thing for me to keep up is exercise. I tend to be very touch and go with exercising-one week I’ll be good and do really well, the next I’ll do nothing. I want to be more consistent with exercise and drag myself to the gym even if I don’t feel like going. I am aiming for 2-3 times a week, plus hiking/walking at the weekends. this is going to be especially important this month with Ben Nevis looming ever closer…

As it is a new month, it’s time for a new energy check! (click here for my previous posts on this)


Mind management 62%
Nutrition 28%
Sleep 33%
Exercise 64%
Re-energising 0%
Computer use 45%
Work-life balance 86%
Total 45%

Overall 4% less than last month. The biggest thing, yet again, is re-energising, followed by nutrition. Clean eating this month will alleviate the nutrition problem, so my habits for this month are going to be fully based around re-energising.

March habits are as follows:

  • Give myself 20 mins of stop time daily (A repeat of last month but I think this is important)
  • Incorporate Yoga into my day (again, another repeat but I want to do this)
  • Twice a week, take time to be outside in nature (I’m always cooped up at home or work, getting out will be good)

Last but not least, here are my weight goals for March. At the beginning of Feb I weighed in at 233 pounds. As of my last weigh in (and I re-weighed this morning) I am at 231 pounds. From Feb > March I’ve lost a modest 2 pounds. not amazing, but also not a bad thing. My end of March goal is to loose 9 pounds just in time for Ben Nevis. This was originally to loose 7 pounds, but as I have been up and down it is now 9.  as you will have spotted on my last weigh in post I am aiming for 222 pounds.

March goal Summary:

  • Clean Eating
  • Positive Thinking
  • Exercise 2-3 times a week + hike/walk at the weekend
  • 20 mins of down time every day to rest my brain
  • yoga daily
  • be outside twice a week
  • Weigh in at 222 pounds by the end of the month

Hope you enjoyed my rambling. (Hah!) I’m going to go clean my hiking boots ready for tomorrow!


Energise Check

Aloha, you may remember me writing about a book Energise You by Oliver Gray ?

Well, there’s an online quiz to check how you score in each of the sections discussed in the book. I took this at the beginning of January, and again at the beginning of February. After completing the January Quiz, I implemented 3 Habits from the book to improve my scores. These were:

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day
  • Eat 5 fruits/veg a day
  • Exercise 3 times a week

I was not able to stick to these consistently, however I was doing them more often than before-which is never going to be a bad thing.

My january stats were as follows:


Mind management 38%
Nutrition 17%
Sleep 33%
Exercise 18%
Re-energising 12%
Computer use 27%
Work-life balance 71%

Total 31%

My February stats:


Mind management 50%
Nutrition 39%
Sleep 33%
Exercise 55%
Re-energising 12%
Computer use 55%
Work-life balance 100%

Total 49%

Much improved, however still lots to work on!

Based on this, I need to improve my Re-energising, and Nutrition the most.

My February habits are:

  • Give myself 20 minutes of ‘stop-time’ per day.
  • Eat my 5 a day (I know this is the same as last month, but this is the one I failed at most)
  • Incorporate Yoga into my day

Alongside these I will also be focusing on eating well, and drinking lots of water. Just trying to be healthy.