Race For Life: The Day Of

Good evening to all!

I am proud to announce that I finished the Battersea Park 5k Race For Life this evening. Woooo I survived! Despite feeling very iffy, what with awful cramps and a mild case of IBS during the day, I still did it.

Before the race I was thinking about race times and how long I was likely to do it in, I decided that I would aim for 50 minutes. I knew full well I was not going to be able to run much of it.

It was hard. I absolutely did not run throughout, I am not fit enough to manage that just yet! I’m really proud of myself and the two girls I ran with (who both did amazingly!) I’m not going to analyse my run bit by bit, so here’s a rundown of stats:

Route length: 5.65k

1k: 6:45
2k: 9:08
3k: 8:02
4k: 9:79
5k: 8:10
0.65k: 6:03

5k time: 41:45
Total time: 47:48

Under my goal of 50m 🙂
Super Yay!

I would have liked to have run more, but I think for my first 5k that’s a really good base to work from!

My amazing collaborators:
Beth’s time: 28m
Jess’ time: 36m
They both did so well!!


Before the race