Weigh in Wednesday

It’s here! The post you all wait for with bated breath. I’m joking!

Today I’m going to do a round up of my progress so far as well as my usual weigh in. It was pointed out to me recently that my posts make it seem as if I’m not making any progress…sooo I’m going to lay it all out as well as reestablish my goals.

Weigh in
Last week: 231 pounds (water weight! )
This week: 227 pounds
Next week: 226 pounds

Highest weight: 234 pounds – recorded just after Ben Nevis
Progress: – 7 pounds

This may not seem a lot for the amount of time, but it’s definitely an improvement on dancing around the same few pounds all the time.

At the beginning of the year I set a new years resolution to lose 2 stone (28 pounds) by July. Obviously, that hasn’t happened. I’m now aiming to loose a minimum of 28 pounds by the end of the year. So far, I’ve lost 7 pounds of that, leaving 21 pounds to go. This is achievable!

End of year goal: 206 pounds
Summer 2015 goal: 178 pounds – a further 28 pounds

Ultimate Goal: 130 pounds
This may change when I get there, depending on what I feel healthiest at and whether I feel like I need to loose more.

This week’s updates
I’ve been pretty good this week. The only bad day was yesterday, when I was given a box of chocolates from my colleagues for passing my driving test. Oops. I regret nothing, and I shared! This week I need to keep up with the good foods, and throw some more fruit and veg into the mix.

After the success of Pretty Muddy at the weekend, I need to make sure I jump back into running this week-otherwise I’ll loose all momentum! I’ve also been considering taking part in a 6 week power lifting course at my gym. Not because I want to bulk up, but because lifting trims you down quicker than cardio alone. And who doesn’t want to be able to lift heavy things?

Positive. Feeling good. I passed my driving test yesterday which I think will up my mood for at least a week! I also managed to get a long sleep in at the weekend, though I’m still tired and behind on sleep at the moment. Work is busy, as always. I’m looking forward to the weekend, have a busy one planned!

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday

Morning one and all.  It’s been a beautiful weekend, filled with good food and good company over on the emerald shore. AKA Ireland. With that in mind, I was pleasantly suprised with my weigh in.

Last week: 231 pounds
This week: 230 pounds

Goal for next week: 229 pounds

Lets keep fingers crossed for going under the 230 barrier next week!

This week I’ve done well on the food front. Over the weekend it was difficult as I was away, so I’m hoping this wont catch up with me next week. This week I’m still trying to incorporate fruit and veg into my diet to ensure I stay fuller for longer and snack less. my teeth have been kiling me over the weekend-pesky wisdom teeth are coming through-and after having lots of sugary things and realising it made my teeth feel worse, I’ve curbed my sweettooth for the moment. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I was intending to do a 5k with my gym this weekend, but I havent been running since my last 5k in the middle of the month. My intention was to go for a run yesterday, but I’ve fallen prey to the office flu bug-which stopped that plan in its tracks. Still need to get into a regular routine of running and gym, but I’m worried about wearing myself out and making this flu worse. This may have to wait until I’m recovered to be put into practice.

Feeling busy as always, trying to juggle work and personal life. It’s still really important for me to try to take some time to relax and unwind each day. I also desperately need to tidy and organise my bedroom. Such a mess at the moment!

Weigh in Wednesday

On an actual Wednesday! Huzzah!

Last week: 232
This week: 231

1 pound down. I think this is definitely due to water retention, as my eating is not good enough to warrant that loss. But it will be! I need to make a huge effort with what I eat. I always say this, but as soon as I’m faced with biscuits I give in and eat them. Damn my insatiable need for sweet things…

As I said above, I’m going to make a herculean effort to avoid my trigger foods. I’m doing well at home, there are chocolate bars in the fridge that I have not touched. Though it helps that I’m not there all day…
I need to befriend fruit and veg. I don’t eat enough of it!

It took a couple of days to recover from last week’s 5k, so I haven’t done much outside of my usual everyday walking. I need to go on at least 1 run this week, then pick it all back up again next week if I want to have any chance of improving my time in the next 5k.

Work is stressful, I dont sleep much and I feel like I’m always busy. I need to make sure I take some time to relax and let go of the days stress. Best time to do this would be before bed, which will help with getting to sleep.

Weigh in Wednesday

I put on again. Story of my life. I am not able to resist the biscuits from the kitchen at work. I also ate a lot over the weekend as I was away visiting family in sunny Cornwall.

Here are my stats.

Last week: 228 pounds
Today: 231pounds
Goal: 222 pounds by Ben Nevis (4 weeks)

To battle the biscuits I’m going to grab some fruit and keep that on my desk, to avoid wandering to the kitchen and back. I also need to actually find some self control for a change and choose to not be fat. Let’s be honest here, being the biggest person in the office is never going to be a good thing.

This week I am gyming twice, going on a hike at the weekend, and walking up the dreaded work stairs (Instead of taking the lift).

Happy Monday

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 207

Current weight: 206

Progress from last week: -1  😀

Overall Progress: +1 pound

Quite suprised I didn’t put on, I was sure I was overeating too much. At best I was hoping to maintain, but no! I lost a pound, hooray! Almost down to my start weigh again. It’s taken long enough! once I pass that I will  feel like any weight lost from now on is real progress, not just trying to get back to an overweight target I should have been long past already!

This week is going to be difficult, le boyfriend is over and I always end up overeating when he is here, he is always hungry. If I do eat more than usual while he’s here, I’m going to make sure it’s fruit. Whether he likes it or not!

Aiming for a loss of 2 pounds or more, to get me underneath that start weight!

My fitness freak friend suggested I aim to weigh 180 by the time everyone is back at uni (4 weeks from now) that’s 26 pounds in 4 weeks. I’m not sure that’s even possible, but I suppose if I exercised 4-5 times a week it would happen. I think I’ll look at this as my ambitious target. Still aim for it, but not get too upset if I don’t achieve it…

weigh day monday

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 207

Current weight: 207

Progress from last week: no change

Overall Progress: +2 pounds

maintained this week. I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to be losing anything. But I didn’t put on, which is the good news!

Aiming to lose 2 pounds again this week…

This week I’m hoping to start up running again, my chest infection is slowly going away so I’m hoping  if I start slow and take my asthma pump with me I should be OK.

Have a bit of a stressful week ahead of me, I’m likely to comfort eat. I’m going to have to exercise my willpower and not eat bad foods. fruit and veg FTW!


you know when something isn’t working.

I have a problem.

I struggle with my weight and to eat ‘good’ foods. and the right amount of them. I eat too much cheese, and have a giant sweet tooth-especially for biscuits.

I give in to temptation all the time.

I’m lazy and don’t have any staying power, making sticking to an eating plan and exercise regime difficult.

I expect to see results quickly when I try, and when I don’t I loose faith in what I’m doing and end up weighing more than I did before. When I try and it doesn’t work, I want to give up.

I’ve weighed the same-give or take 5 pounds-for at least a year (probably longer), despite trying to lose weight. When I think about this I hate myself for not trying hard enough.

I don’t feel good enough to lose weight. I don’t deserve it. 

As it turns out, I have several problems.


The theme in all of them, is me. my opinions of myself, my lack of conviction and belief. What I’m doing is clearly not working.

I must not be exercising hard enough, or often enough. And I must be eating unhealthily and in big quantities.

If I were to do the opposite, I would be thin, yes? Because that is how the world works. Science.

Eat less, Exercise more = weight loss.

Simple formula…so why do I make it so complicated?

Eating habits are the first thing to tackle. I eat too much, I need to make my portion sizes smaller. When I am faced with temptation I need to remind myself that I will not reach my goal by eating this. Eat some fruit instead. Simple.


Running is an exercise I have found myself to like doing. It makes me feel good afterwards. I need to make sure that I am running every other day. Get into a routine of doing this, and I am less likely to give it up. Running in the morning was energising, however getting up early to go out and do it is hard. I need to try harder, and keep it up.

Swimming is fun, but aching the next day will stop me from running. aim to swim once a week, on a day that I have run, to utilise time to rest the day after.

Use the Nike app on iPod for toning and strength. Twice a week to begin, once fitness threshold improves, increase this amount.

Use exercise as a way to de-stress from uni work.


This is my formula for change, I need to do this for myself, and I cant expect it to happen at the drop of a hat. I need to work for it.

monday=weigh day

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 208

Progress so far: +3


this is a joke…maintained for the third week in a row.

Ok, portion sizes must be too big. reduce those this week! and cut down on bread/pasta/crackers. and cheese. that is the plan.

Haven’t been running much this week as I’ve been busy with work and uni, hoping to get back into it this week… eeeep. bad weather is bound to happen now I’ve said that. I need to MAN UP.

lets cross our fingers that this week sees a loss….

the time of week when I broadcast my weight on the internet…

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 208

Progress so far: +3

No progress, but on the bright side no gain either. This week is going to be difficult because everyone is back at uni, and will want to meet up and drink/eat. I’m going to have to be really careful with what I eat. (Although, thinking about it, that’s not really a big change)

I’m glad I went running twice this week. I probably would have put on if I hadn’t! Speaking of running, I’m planning on going today. at some point. I NEEED to. Probably this evening.

doing this week’s shop later on, not going to buy any crap. fruit and veg FTW!

First Run…

Just got back form my first run… and it was HARD. I’m so unfit I cant run for 60 seconds without dying!

The run was 8 minutes of running overall, split into 60 second chunks, with 90 seconds of walking in-between, and 5 mins walking before and after to warm up and down.

My chest is killing me, my head hurts, and I feel sick. I dont think running is meant to feel like that?! add that to the cracking blister that appeared mid-run, and I’m all set to go to work….

I’m hoping a lot of my chest discomfort at the moment is down to the cold I have, which has been moving into my chest, which means it should get easier to breathe, if I remember to bring my asthma pump too. (whoopsie for running without my pump…)

this is the first of three runs this week, I’m not sure if I’ll survive them!

au revoir, time for me to hit the shower!