Weigh In – Slimming World Week 12

Hello, it’s been a while. As you can probably guess I’ve been off plan for a while. Hence the no posting. I have still been going to slimming world every week, but I’ve not had any motivation in keeping to the plan. I also had a holiday, work stress, and the stress of moving house! Busy busy.

I am pretty much back up to the weight I started slimming world at, but I was heavier and actually had a loss this week so…I’m getting back on track.

Current weight: 16st 11lb (235 pounds)

6 week goal: 15st 10lb (220 pounds)

Next weeks goal: 16st 7lb (231 pounds)

Meal planning is essential going forwards, I always do better when I know what I’m going to be eating…


Weigh in Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and I’m weighing in!
I know I missed last week. Bad me. But, I was unrealistically heavier because of the birthday food I had been eating, I’m almost back down to normal now, so I figured it made more sense to wait it out…

Last Weigh in: 228 pounds
Today: 229.8 pounds
To Lose for Goal 1: 20.3 pounds

So it looks like over my birthday I put on just under 2 pounds. I want to say that this is forgivable because it was my birthday blah blah, but actually I don’t think it is. Especially as I have a goal to hit.

I’m not sure why I can’t stick with eating healthily, I always mess it up and eat crap food. Tips are welcome…

Biscuit Ban
I have been banning myself from having biscuits for two weeks. So far, the only indiscretion has been eating Cadbury Fingers and not realising they are a biscuit. I always thought they were mini chocolate bars! Damn you misleading Cadbury…
Me 1 – 1 Buscuits

Goals for Next Week
Weight: 226
Food: Avoid biscuits and eat within 1500 calories
Exercise: Stick to Ben Nevis training plan

See you next week…Happy Wednesday…

Run? Ran.

Ok, so I havent run for a week. my fault.

Another solo run today, did the last mandatory week 2 podcast. week 3 sooooon! I listened to what it consists of, it’s quite a big jump. But manageable…I hope!

The run went well, I got a stitch, but ran though it. AND didnt get shin splint until the last little bit of my run. which was a nice change…

I was worried about running during lunchtime, as my route takes me through town. I was expecting it to be busy, and I don’t feel very confident running in front of large groups of people.I was going to edit my route and go a shorter way through the busy part of my run, instead I kept telling myself ‘I dont care what they think, I’m doing this for me’ and other motivational blah blah.

Lucky for me, it wasn’t busy, so all my worrying was for nothing. I was glad I didn’t cut my route short.

New week, new runs. I will keep up with this.

WeighDay: 69 to lose

2012 start weight: 202

Last weeks weigh in: 201

Today’s weigh in: 199     – 2 🙂

March 12th goal: 195    (definitely did not hit that one…)

9th April goal: 195

June 18th goal: 181

Ultimate goal: 130

Its good to know I’ve lost half of what I put on last week. a little annoyed at myself that I didn’t hit this months target. but hey ho, maybe next month. at least I still lost something. 🙂

Gym-ing today, seem to be getting back into going which is good. should boost some weight loss (I hope!) as well as raise my fitness. will be running again today, going to go for half a kilometre again, but maybe more if I feel ok while running. Eep.

I would like to stay below 200pounds…that would be an achievement within itself.

Enough of me babbling, I have assignments to do. 😐