Weigh in 10.05.2020

Weigh in

Last Week: 290.2 lb (131.6 kg)

Today: 284 lb (128.8 kg)

Difference: -6.2 lb (2.8 kg)

YTD: -7 lb (3.2 kg)

I’m happy about this loss, I’m finally under my plateau and hoping to keep the momentum going.

Last Weeks Goals

Lose 3 pounds – yes!

Exercise every day – didn’t do every day, but 3 days of the week is an improvement

Track food every day – another big yes


Exercise every day

Keep within my calories every day

Lose 2 pounds

Weigh In 03.05.20 – late posting

Didn’t get around to posting last week’s weigh in, but here it is!

Weigh in

Last Week: 287 lb (130.2 kg)

Today: 290.2 lb (131.6 kg)

Difference: +3.2 lb (1.5 kg)

YTD: -0.8 lb (0.4 kg)

Had a gain, bit of a bummer, however the next day my weight dropped down again, so I don’t think this was a true weight gain.

Last Weeks Goals

Lose 3 pounds – nope

Exercise every day – didn’t do every day

Track food every day – yes!

I’m going to set the same goals for this week.


Lose 3 pounds

Exercise every day

Track food every day

Weigh In

Another week has passed, and its weigh in day again.

Weigh in

Last Week: 287.8 lb (130.5kg)

Today: 287 lb (130.2 kg)

Difference: -0.8 lb (0.3kg)

YTD: -4 lb (1.8kg)



Last Weeks Goals

Lose 2 pounds   –   lost 0.8 pounds

Walk every day    –   walked 2 out of 7 days, but this is an improvement!

Consistently track food  –  successfully completed this


A small loss this week, happy news. I’ve been so much better with tracking my food this week, getting back into the habit of it. I also got outside for a walk a couple of times, which is more than the week before! There have been some meals where I had the choice between a high-carb meal with little to no vegetables, and a lower carb meal with plenty of vegetables and nutrients. I surprised myself by being able to make the more balanced choice on those occasions, and I feel proud of myself for it. I mean, I even prepared a salad which is a rare occurrence if there are other choices available.

I want to continue with tracking food, and am aiming to go out to walk more. I’ve been plateaued around the same weight within 3 pounds for some time, this week I want to get off the plateau.



Lose 3 pounds

Exercise every day

Track food every day

Weigh In

What a lovely day today! Weighed in first thing this morning, and then headed out for my day’s exercise for a long walk.

One of my goals from last week was to go out for a walk every day. I did not do this, I went out for a walk once – which was today. Definitely room for improvement!

Weigh In

Last Week: 285.8 lb (129.4kg)

Today: 287.8 lb (130.5kg)

Difference: +2 lb (0.9kg)

YTD: 3.2 lb (1.5kg)

A gain is not ideal, however with the lockdown and being extremely sedentary it’s not unexpected. I stopped tracking my food this week as well, due to having low mood. I’m feeling more positive today, and plan to get back to tracking my food in MyFitnessPal.


Lose 2 pounds

Walk every day

Consistently track food

Checking In

I am really out of the habit of posting on here.

Slimming World didn’t work for me. I’ve found myself 4 stone heavier after doing it on and off for four years…so I decided not to do it any more. That decision was made 3 years or so ago, lots of things have happened since.

I’m still a large lady. Looking back at my last post with a weigh in I’m a stone heavier, but am still working on being healthier.

7 months ago I was referred onto the NHS Tier 3 Weight Management Programme. It’s a six-month programme consisting of monthly appointments with a nutritionist to weigh in and discuss food diaries, and appointments with a behavioural change therapist. This is a step you have to complete before being referred onto tier 4, which is bariatric surgery. Many people look at tier 3 as a means to get the surgery, however I didn’t look at it like that. I saw it as support and help towards a goal I’ve struggled with. In my mind, getting the surgery would be great but there are huge lifestyle changes required to make it work, and there’s no guarantee it will be successful if you can’t commit to the life changes. I wanted to work on underlying issues with eating rather than jumping into surgery.

There is a goal of 5% weight loss at the end of the 6 months to be referred to tier 4 – I did not reach this goal. My nutritionist and I discussed my options for moving forwards, and I made the decision to have a further 6 months of appointments with my nutritionist.

While this was going on, there were a few life changes which definitely had an effect on my health and weight loss. Within that 6 month period I got married, moved house, went to my sister-in-law’s wedding, had Christmas, and started studying again. Busy.

Since I last posted I’ve actually moved 3 times, on top of planning my wedding, started and stopped studying, and worked several second jobs to save for said wedding. Plus now there’s the lockdown due to Covid-19…It’s all been a bit crazy!


Working with my nutritionist, I’m tracking my food intake and reducing my intake of carbohydrates. I’m creating more balanced meals, and increasing my exercise. This is especially important at the moment as I’m working from home, and am much more sedentary than I have ever been before.


Now for my stats…

Weigh in

Highest weight: 292 pounds (132.5 kg)

01/01/2020: 291 pounds (131.9 kg)

05/04/2020: 288.2 pounds (130.7 kg)

Year to date I’ve lost 2.8 pounds, though there has been a lot of yoyo-ing in between!


Weigh in day: Sunday

12/04/2020 Goal: 286 pounds (129.7 kg)

Non-scale goal:

Get up 30 minutes earlier and get outside for a walk


I’m aiming to post regularly going forwards – I’ve set a reminder and everything!

Hello again

It’s the end of July, and I’ve not updated anything on here for a while.

I’m not sure what week of slimming world it is anymore, but I have still been going.

To date, I have lost 8 pounds. Today’s weigh-in was a maintain, which is good considering everything I’ve had going on recently.

Exercise-wise, I’ve not been to roller derby for a few weeks now, but I do intend to go back next week. I’ve also laid out a plan of things I would like to achieve physically in my bullet journal – some are small simple goals which build up to bigger ones. For example, walk 1 mile 3 times, 1.5 miles 3 times, 2 miles etc. I’m working on building up my endurance so I can do more activities without being so out of breath or tired afterwards.

Not knowing the week number is bugging me, I’m just going to go and work it out….it’s week 36 of slimming world now. I feel a bit ashamed that I’ve only lost 8 pounds in that time, well over half a year has gone by and only 8 pounds lost. I have 130 pounds left to lose to hit my goal weight, that’s over half of my current weight that needs to be banished.

Keeping track of my food is the main issue at the moment. I’ve started using MyFitnessPal again to do this and I want to keep it up.

Slimming World – Catch up to week 21

I’ve been pretty bad at blogging recently. Things have been quite hectic, after being made redundant things were a whirlwind of meetings and interviews, until accepting a job offer. Then I spent time learning and settling into my new job – which is still ongoing. The office also has communal snacks and birthday food when it’s someone’s birthday. There have been a few birthdays since I started, and my self control wasn’t up to the challenge of junk food on top of everything else going on. However, I haven’t gone too far overboard.

I’m currently sitting at 5.5 pounds lost since I rejoined slimming world, I’d like to get my stone award in the next 6 weeks.

Exercise-wise, I’ve signed up to do an exercise course called Dawn Breakers. It’s a workout class every weekday at 6am for 6 weeks. I’ve done 2 so far, and it is hard. I’m so unfit…I ache all over just from 2 workouts, and I’ve 28 more classes to go to. The class consists of 20 exercise that you do for 45 seconds, with a 25 second break in between, like tabata training. Each day focuses on a different muscle group. Monday was abs, and today was endurance – so lots of cardio moves.

We did photos on the first day, so once we do after photos I might post them here. We’ll see how I feel about it further down the line…

Slimming World – Week 15

Another tough week, I’ve been made redundant so I’ve been focusing on job hunting more than anything else. My last day at work is Tuesday, so I’ve a few things to wrap up and then I’ll be stuck at home until I find a new job.

With all that going on I’ve not been focused on staying on plan at all. Luckily, I still managed a small loss this week – half a pound, bringing me back to half a stone loss overall.

Slimming World – Weeks 13 & 14

Oh boy. It’s been a tough week.

Let’s start with the week following my birthday. My best friend made a lovely cake, it was ginormous. There was also the cake that I bought, so we had a lot of cake to get through. I did bring them into work to get them eaten, but still. Lots of cake was eaten by me too. As expected, I had a gain at the end of the week, 6 pounds in total. I wasn’t too worried about the gain, I was confident it would come off again.

Jump to this week, and work has blown up. I’m facing a 50% chance of being made redundant, so it’s been quite stressful. Subsequently, I’ve not been focused on staying on plan. Despite this, I still lost 2 pounds of birthday cake bloat.

My total loss now sits at 6.5 pounds. I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve gone backwards, however I don’t feel that I’m out of control. Planning ahead is going to help me this week.

Slimming World – Week 12

This week was the run up to my birthday. I knew that the weekend would be full of birthday food, so I tried to ensure I was eating well in the run up to it.

Weigh-in went well, I lost 2.5 pounds. In 12 weeks I’ve lost 11 pounds – it doesn’t sound all too impressive, but to me it’s great news. I’m showing myself that I can stick to plan and not sabotage myself like I usually do.

Back on plan today, though there is a lot of birthday cake left to get through…

This week I’m aiming for a 1 pound loss, more if I can manage it!