weigh in

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 213

Overall Progress: +8 pounds.

Last week I was away visiting family in the land of huge dinners and ‘tea’ being like a second dinner. I love being there, however I don’t love how much I put on while I’m there. But saying that, I’m proud of myself for only putting on 3 pounds. It could have been A LOT worse.

I did weigh myself last Monday, and I was 213 pounds, so this week I maintained. (technically lost 1/2 a pound but I’m not going to squabble over a small amount-at the end of the day I still put on)

I’d like to lose the extra 3 pounds of holiday weight this week, so I’m going to aim for that.

New week, new start.

It will be okay. I know I can do this.