midweek first week

Not doing too badly, other than eating out at a harvesters yesterday – BUT, i did opt for lower calorie options, and lean meat, and didnt have a dinner later in the evening (mostly because i was full for hours after…) i did chow down on several clementines though. which abated cravings for sweet things. plus, vitamin c is always good 🙂   only downside is now ill need to buy more in the next day or two..

Gym so far has been a no-go, however i may be going later on this evening depending on uni work. which will be good 🙂 if not, then i will definitely go tomorrow after my lecture. promise.


Oh! also, i have a more definite time space to aim for, I’m hopefully going on holiday abroad with a couple of friends at the end of june, so this gives me a good time frame and motivation to work towards something, rather than relying on my willpower alone….oh the exitement 🙂