Race For Life 2015: Trail Run

I am currently in the Scottish Highlands! I have a wonderful view of Ben Nevis and the surrounding mountains, and there are lots of paths and trails around. Soo…I decided to take advantage of the trails and go for a run (a pre-meditated decision, I brought all my running gear up here…). I took the opportunity to test run my ‘Zombies, Run!’ app at the same time.

According to the app, I was out for a total of 33:25, and did 1.75km. (That really doesn’t sound like very far for that time…especially as the app said I ran 1k in approx. 10:30. Confuuused) I just checked online, and it looks like I lost GPS signal, or an error occurred, and therefore this data is incorrect!

So, my first Kilometer was approx 10:30, then I think I was slower after that as I walked the rest of the way. I did an ‘out and back’ route, so I ran back the way I had came. I hit 1k on the ‘out’ section, went a bit further, then turned around to come back. Therefore, total distance (based on a map) I think was 2.66k. which makes much more sense paired with a time of 33:25!

Okay, so correct best estimate of stats:

Total time: 33:25

Distance: 2.66k

I ran for a total of 3 1 minute sections. not very impressive, however, I ran into a spot of trouble. Skip over this bit if you don’t want to hear about digestive issues…

I needed the toilet. Badly. So I turned around and hustled back to the lodge…thankfully, I made it back in time! I hate – and occasionally like – that running has a laxative effect…

Anywho, I would have ran more if I hadn’t had to hurry back, so I was thinking that I would go out again this week. I really enjoyed running on a trial; dodging the tree roots, running alongside a river; startling a few sheep on the path along the way. It was good evening to be outside


Weigh in Wednesday (not) … However, Race For Life 2015

Good afternoon folks!

Today I am not going to weigh in. Dundunduuunnn…

What I am going to write about, however, is my impending Race For Life 5k. Long-time readers may remember my running posts from last year, but to refresh, I did Race for Life 5k and Pretty Muddy 5k in 2014. This year, I have signed up for the Race for Life 5k again.

Location: Battersea Park, London
Date: June 10th
Fundraising page here!
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7 weeks from today! Eep!

Last year I was following the C25K programme, and I got bored of it after 5 weeks or so…typical me really. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to doing it again, so I was thinking about training myself with distance goals, and increasing how much of it I jog. Having said that, I have been out running once in the 2 weeks since I signed up…#motivationfail

I recently happened across Too Fat to Run’s Five Weeks to 5k programme…which sounded impossible to me to begin with…but after taking a look at the programme it looks doable! Alongside this, I am also considering getting the ‘Zombies, Run!‘ app to make running fun, and motivate me to get outside.

I’m looking forward to this…kind of!!

Weigh in Wednesday

Another Wednesday, another weigh in. Here goes…

Last week: 227 pounds
Today: 226 pounds
To lose for goal 2: 27 pounds

Lost a pound from last week, pretty good going as I haven’t been the most well-behaved eater this week. To stay on track for my goal I need to up the ante and lose more per week – 3 pounds rather than 1 pound. The only way I’m going to achieve that is if I meal plan religiously and exercise regularly. This brings me to motivation. I lack motivation to do pretty much anything, so I need to put in a mass amount of effort to get myself moving.

Last Weeks Exercise Goal: go on 2 runs
I managed half, I went on 1 short run. I am so out of shape…

Biscuit Ban
This has not gone well, needless to say I have snacked upon biscuits…sorrynotsorry.

Goals for Next Week
Weight: 223 pounds
Exercise: Go on 3 runs

Thursday Run

I ran on Thursday evening with my running group. I almost didn’t go because I was falling asleep on the train back from work – I only had about 4 hours sleep the night before. It was a short one (I lumped myself in with the beginners!) And we also did a bit of fartlek training afterwards. The run went better than Mondays, though towards the end I was getting pain in my lower back again. I think stretching for longer beforehand helped! More of that please. The fartlek training did not go as well. We were running halfway across a bridge at 80% of our top speed, and gently jogging back to the start – repeat three times. After the first one I was wheezy, so had to go to my car to grab my inhaler…then I tried my second one, and I felt exhausted and wobbly on my legs. So I cheated a little and didn’t do the third one. I’m glad I didn’t, I felt quite woozy when I stopped. On the other side of that, I feel like I should have pushed myself more to do it…I don’t know. Confusing.

Run Stats
Distance: 2.2km
Total Time: 19:24
Moving Time: 18:03
Average Pace: 8:18/km


Fartlek Stats:
Distance: 0.7km
Total Time: 9:53
Moving Time: 4:38
Average Pace: 6:39

On the run my average pace has improved. Though the more of a course I run the better that will get on its own. The Fartleks saw my pace improve by leaps and bounds, as expected when almost sprinting!

I’m looking forward to the next run

Monday Runday

I went for a run! Yaaay!

It was so hard. It’s been over a month since my last outdoor run, and my god could I feel it. I’ve lost the little fitness I had built up in regards to running. Tonight I had painful lower back pains – it felt like my lower back was in a spasm or a cramp. I’ve never had that before when running – is this a thing? A running thing that happens? I dont know. I had lead legs, shin pain, breathing problems, sore ankles, and the weird back pain. It wasn’t fun…

Distance: 3.4km
Total Time: 32:23
Moving Time: 31:16
Average Pace: 9:06/km


Next run is penciled in for Thursday…I’m hoping the next ome goes better…

Treadmill Tuesday

I missed my running group on Monday evening – this was due to not having the car again because the parentals motor is out of action. I had planned on gyming instead, but ended up not going, and went tonight instead.

I had very little time at the gym because my train home was delayed, so I hopped onto the treadmill and got started.

Distance: 2.26km
Time: 26:41
Incline: 2% average incline

I pushed myself to run for 1k. I got there, then I pushed myself to run 1.2. I got to there too, and decided to push for 1.5k. I got to 1.5k, and took note of the fact that I just ran for 15 minutes without stopping. That’s the longest time I’ve ever ran for before!! I did this at a pace of 6km/h. Once I hit the 1.5k, I slowed to a walk for a little while, then did a fast paced run at 7.5km/h to stretch my legs out and push myself. This pace didn’t last long, and I worked my way back down to a walk before cooling down.

I’m really glad I went to the gym this evening, I acheived something I didn’t think I could!

On a seperate, but related note – I think I am in need of a gait analysis and decent running trainers! I think it would help to alleviate some of the ankle and knee pain I’ve been feeling…

Happy 2nd of December!

Monday Runday

Happy Monday everyone.

Tonight was hard, I didn’t really want to do it, but I dragged myself out as I knew I hadn’t been in a week…There were 6 of us doing the 5k, two ladies (Ms. E and Ms. C) ran the whole way because they’re amazing, and the rest of us were just trying to survive the route. Ms. T was acting as our trainer, and she pushed and motivated us to keep running. I found this really helpful because I was feeling so unmotivated! I’m quite certain that I ran more of the 5k than I ever have before…Eeevverrrr.

Big thank you to Ms. T for pushing me through it.

Here’s the stats:

Distance: 5.6k

Total Time: 51:43

Moving Time: 49:56

Average Pace: 8:54/km


Strava Splits 24-11-14

I feel good after doing this, I feel like I achieved something! Though I’m quite certain that tomorrow morning I’ll be feeling the ache. Lots of protein tomorrow I think…

Had issues with my ankles again today, methinks I need better trainers. except I can’t really afford them…so I doubt that will be happening any time soon.


Goals for the next run

  • Stay motivated
  • warm up ankles
  • keep going