Wednesday Weigh in

I know I didn’t with in last week, but nothing had changed so I figured it was going to get boring to read! However, I have maintained again this week, but I couldn’t skip weigh in again. So here we go:

Stuck at: 231pounds

Boo hiss. Clean eating has not been going well recently, my own fault really but there we go. I’m going to endeavour to keep it up for the rest of the month.

I’ve got a couple of things up my sleeve to inform people of, so watch this space for upcoming posts-one of which is about my walk on Sunday, the other is much more exciting…


Weigh in Wednesday

I put on again. Story of my life. I am not able to resist the biscuits from the kitchen at work. I also ate a lot over the weekend as I was away visiting family in sunny Cornwall.

Here are my stats.

Last week: 228 pounds
Today: 231pounds
Goal: 222 pounds by Ben Nevis (4 weeks)

To battle the biscuits I’m going to grab some fruit and keep that on my desk, to avoid wandering to the kitchen and back. I also need to actually find some self control for a change and choose to not be fat. Let’s be honest here, being the biggest person in the office is never going to be a good thing.

This week I am gyming twice, going on a hike at the weekend, and walking up the dreaded work stairs (Instead of taking the lift).