30DS: day 10 – level 2

I missed a day yesterday because I was shattered when I got in after working on a show. A bit annoyed at myself for not doing it.

made a last minute decision to start level 2 today instead of tomorrow, it’s more intense and I couldn’t do some of the moves because my arms already felt like jelly without going back into another plank position.

Hopefully I’ll be better at it tomorrow.


30DS: Day 7

Wows. Another sweaty session!

I feel really good about exercising today, I pushed myself a little harder and enjoyed it, didn’t feel as hateful towards Jillian this time! Hopefully that will continue!

shocked I’ve kept this up for a week, super glad that I have. I do kind of miss having aches the next day, so I’m looking forward to moving up to level 2. That sounds really weird but….whocares!

I really want to be able to notice differences soon. It’s weigh in tomorrow and I’m desperate to lose weight! Really want this workout to be worth it; not just for the weight, for my health, weight, image, and self-confidence.

A Post-Christmas Post


I’m glad the majority of the food eating event has passed!

I feel slightly ashamed to admit that I used to take all this eating in my stride and it wouldn’t bother me much – maybe for an hour or two until the next yummy treat was brought out! But not this year. This year I was full all day, very uncomfortable! however I have been enjoying the Christmas dinner and other treats…Have definitely learnt that it’s OK to leave food on my plate if I’m full instead of forcing it all down until I burst.

I feel there’s a lot of work ahead of me to achieve my goals. Like a mountain of will power and exercise.

A new discovery…

Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon! [depending on where you are!]

For a little while now I’ve been nursing the idea of running. I was always terrible at it, and I have little to no stamina or endurance. But, it’s cheaper than the gym (which I am not longer a member of) and has lots of health benefits.

My friend asked me if I had tried the NHS running podcast, I had never heard of it, soo I googled it and found the Couch to 5k by NHS Choices. its free, and its a 9 week plan to get you being able to run 5k in half an hour. It sounds really good, and helpful 🙂

It builds you up to it slowly, coaching you, and I believe that it will work, if i stick to it. which is why I’m writing about it on here.. keeping a diary of running that people will read will keep me on track, because if I say I’m going to go for a run, and then don’t, I’ll have to face the wrath of staring at a blank page to write about how I didn’t go and do it. Scary stuff.

I really want this to work, a friend of mine has said she will do it with me, however she can already run 5k, so I’m not sure she will want to slow right down to my pitiful pace! none the less…we all have to starts somewhere…

Interesting theories…

I just watched a TV programme about health, living longer, and fasting. I found it really interesting to know that fasting actually can be really good for your body. The link to iPlayer is below, give it a watch and see what you think…


at first I thought it was too similar to a binge/purge eating disorder to be worth considering, but after seeing the whole episode and the results he achieved, it seems to benefit you rather than make you ill.

I may be considering trying out the 5:2 ratio. Granted I don’t have access to blood tests and everything, buut, the weight loss should speak for itself. and the added health benefits will be good 🙂