So…I Joined a Running Group

Last night I turned up for my first session with the Medway Runners. I went there straight from work, and when I left work I was a bundle of nerves and shaking hands. Meeting new people is scary!

I turned up at the meeting point and immediatly spotted the group in their lime green team colours. There was about twenty of them! I sucked up my courage and marched myself over and introduced myself. It helped that I had been active on the facebook group and had spoken to a couple of people through that, so when some people told me their names I had a vague idea of who they were. The beginners group (my group) were discussing the distance we were going to be doing – 2 miles along a mostly flat road. Though this soon changed to doing 5k (3 miles) much to the groups horror.

We set off along the route, and after some discussion it was decided we would do 4k instead of 5k (Yaay). The longer distance runners turned off to do a longer route after 1 mile, and the beginners group continued on the 4k route. On we went.

I pushed myself in the first running stint, and had to walk at 0.8km. I didn’t mind too much because I wasn’t the only one run/walking.

I found running with people helped me to pace myself and push myself a bit more. Though I do also think that I could have pushed myself to run for longer on the way back to the meeting point – I was middle of the pack on this run and ended up alone between the front runners and the rest of the group which is where I think I didn’t do as well. A bit of a revelation after running on and off on my own for 2 years!

Getting back to the meeting point felt great. I was buzzing from the run and everyone had made me feel really welcome.

I also tried out a new app on this run – Strava. It’s a free app and it does my splits! I was surprised at how quickly I did each kilometer, but I’m looking forward to shaving time off them!


Total Distance: 3.9km / 2.49 miles
Total Time: 39:45
Moving Time: 35:29
Average Speed: 9:04/km

Next group run is on Thursday, I think I’ll definitely be going back!

Wednesday running

Morning – I am aware it’s Thursday today, my run took place on a Wednesday 😉

Last night I dragged myself out for a run, I had to talk myself into it as I was on the verge of giving up because I am feeling really ill. I’m glad I did, because it was probably one of my best runs.

I did 0.78 miles in 10mins

Run Breakdown
1:15m warm up walk
8:45m run

That’s a solid amount of running. I think it’s the longest period of time I’ve ever run continuously for! I do feel a little bit annoyed because I know I could have carried on for a bit longer. But I was passing my house and dinner was calling to me… Plus being ill and tired was too much of a burden to carry on with. I’m still pleased with how it went despite that, and I have a 1 mile run planned for the weekend so I can make up for it then.

This run compared to Monday’s – I conciously kept my speed down which helped my endurance on this run, whereas last time I was taking bigger steps and pushed myself too much.

It looks like at the moment I am running at approximately a 12.5-13 minute mile. I’m expecting Saturdays run to take 15 mins or so.


I went for a run today! My neck feels fine and I decided to not let it stop me from training any longer. I made the beginnings of a training plan, the basis of it is to up my distance each week. I’d like to be able to run the whole distances, but that will come with time and continuity. And pushing myself to.

Today I did 0.75 miles in approx 10 mins.
1 min warmup walk
5.5 min run
2.5 min walk
1 min walk

For the next one I would like to run for more of the distance, but I was quite pleased with what I did.

By the end of the month I’ll be running 2 miles …and hopefully actually running for the whole time!

Next run: Wednesday – 0.75 miles