30DS: Day 2

Day 2 went well. I got through the push ups better than I did yesterday, that may have been because yesterday I was carrying heavy stock so my arms were already tired. I have really bad upper body strength! But, this should start to get better with this workout!

I still ache, and felt like I was going to die during the workout. I’m apprehensive about what level 2 will be like, I’ve heard about some plank jumping jacks which I’m really dreading! My calves are one of the worst pains, but walking around and stretching them out will help!

I have a feeling day 3/4 will be one of the toughest, tomorrow because I have work all day so have to get up really early to do it, then go into work for 8 hours where I’ll no doubt have to carry heavy items. I’m hoping that once I’m past tomorrow it will get a little easier-until level up time!



30 Day shred: Day 1

The DVD didn’t arrive, but level 1 is on Youtube so I figured I’d do it from there until my DVD arrives!

The reviewers weren’t kidding when they said it was hard!

Definitely felt the burn, and I’m certain I’m going to ache tomorrow! It’s an intense circuit non-stop workout for 20 mins (excluding warm up & down). I want to do this every day and I’ve taken measurements and pics to measure my progress. I’m worried about doing it again tomorrow with achey muscles…I guess the answer is to just power through… but it’s going to hurt!!!

I’m determined to stick to this.


I am also using MyFitnessPal again as a way to keep track of how many calories I’m consuming. I’ll also be logging exercise on there so feel free to add me if you also use it! BexiBlueberry is my username 🙂



What do we do? We Swim, swim, swim!

Didn’t feel achey at all today from swimming yesterday, so I went swimming again today! yay!

I did 40 lengths (approximately) today, over 1/2 a mile. I say approximately because I lost count in the 20’s because I kept crashing into people or people crashed into me because I am so slow!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but the only stroke I can really do is backstroke, so I’ve been trying to do breaststroke, and I’m super slow at it, and keep kicking the side of the pool by accident as well! I had sore toes after that I can tell you…

I don’t ache much now at all, I’m wondering if that’s because I alternate between strokes, so am using Muscles in different ways rather than sticking to one stroke.  I guess I’ll wait and see how I feel tomorrow…I may even go again! Although, it being a Saturday means it will probably be busy…Hmm. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Friday!

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