Hitting Restart

2015 has passed us by, and I’m heavier than ever. I had a lengthy chat with my Slimming World consultant before Christmas, and we’re going to hit the restart button on my weight loss. Fresh for 2016.

2016 Restart

On that note, I have a clean slate and a new start weight.

Start Weight: 17st 11lb (249 pounds)

After Christmas weigh in: 17st 12.5lb (250.5 pounds)

30-01-16 goal: 17st 5lb (243 pounds)    -7.5 pounds

I’m feeling positive, and have lots of inspiring recipes to try out. January is going to be a good month!

Weigh In – Slimming World Week 13

First week back onto doing Slimming World for a while, and it was tough. I had fallen back into the habit of just eating everything all the time and snacking a lot so I really struggled this week. I did a food diary all week and tracked my syns – even when I went massively over! I only managed to stay within my syn allowance on 1 day this week…oops.

Last Weeks Weight: 16st 11lb (235 pounds)

This Weeks Weight: 16st 9.5lb (233.5 pounds)

Loss to Date: 2 pounds

To Lose for 6 week Goal: 13.5 pounds (By 10.10.15)

I wasn’t expecting a 1.5 pounds loss this week. quite pleased with it, so I’m feeling more positive about being back on plan and keeping up with it – all down to the meal planning! I’ve discovered a few very interesting looking recipes on the SW website, so I’ll be aiming to give some of those a go soon too. Especially the desserts!!

Goal for Next Week: 16st 7lb (231 pounds)

Have a good week…

Weigh In – Slimming World Week 2

Another week has flown by! This week was harder. I found it much harder to resist foods and ended up going over my ‘syns’ on 3 days this week. Oops. I also did a couple of ‘SP’ days (speed/protein foods) to try and boost my weight loss and make up for the over-syn days.

Well, without further preamble, my weigh in:

Last Weeks Weigh In: 16st 4lb (228 pounds)
Week 2 Weigh In: 16st 0.5lb (224.5 pounds)
Loss to Date: 11 pounds

11 pounds in 2 weeks…I still feel a bit like this is all temporary and will suddenly pile back on again. I think I’m just worrying about putting the weight back on again, only time will show me I can keep it off, I suppose.

To Lose for Club 10: 13 pounds
To Lose for Ultimate Goal: 91.5 pounds

I’m not feeling a difference in myself with what I’ve lost so far, my clothes still feel the same and I don’t think I’m any smaller. I have no idea where the weight is coming off from!

Slimming World Week 1

As you all know, I started Slimming World a week ago. The plan is easy to follow, though I struggle with it when there are trigger foods around! I’m not going hungry, which is great. Planing food ahead is really important, and something that I’m having to spend a lot of time thinking about.

First Week Weigh in
Start Weight: 16st 11.5lb (235.5 pounds)
Week 1 Weigh in: 16st 4lb (228 pounds)
Loss to date: 7.5 pounds

7.5 pounds in 1 week. I knew it would be a big loss in the first week but that’s still a lot! I received my first 1/2 stone sticker and certificate which was kind of embarrassing but gratifying at the same time. I know next week’s loss won’t be as much, which makes me feel a bit sad – it would be amazing to lose half a stone every week! I’m aiming for a 3 pound loss for next week. Which is good as yesterday I overindulged on the wine…

Weigh ins…

For a very long time I’ve done ‘Weigh in Wednesday’ posts. I like doing it on a Wednesday, the title has a good ring to it. But, my Slimming World weigh-ins are on a Thursday evening. These will differ from weighing in on a Wednesday morning as usually I wouldn’t have eaten anything, then obviously on a Thursday evening I will have eaten through the day. So, I’m going to switch to the Thursday weigh-ins, otherwise things will get confusing!

Additional to the above, I think I need to reset my weight goals in line with the Slimming World ones and run with it from there.

SW Start Weight 04.06.15: 235.5 pounds (16st 11.5lb)
Club 10* Goal: 211.5 pounds (15st 1.5lb)
Ultimate goal: 133 pounds (9st 7lb)
*Club 10 is losing 10% of your original weight

Self-Imposed Goals
1st Goal: Reach Club 10 goal (211.5 pounds) by 16.07.15
2nd Goal: 204.5 (14st 8.5lb) by 06.08.15
3rd Goal: 190.5 (13st 8.5lb) by 24.09.15

For now I’ll stick to those, then when I reach them I can set some more! Have a great weekend!

Big Changes

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know that I’ve been trying to lose weight and be healthier off my own back for a long time. It hasn’t been going very well, and I have only slowly gained weight over the past 3 years.

So…I joined Slimming World. Thursday evening I went to a meeting and that was that…I now have a food plan to follow and have to start thinking about food in a different way, and actually follow it and plan food out and attend the meeting each week and eat within the syns and within the healthy options aaand I’m feeling a little anxious about it.

Today was my day 1 of Slimming World. I was surprised at how easily I could incorporate what I already had in the house into the food plan. Though I had some problems with some smoked mackerel – the starter pack book said it was worth 10 syns, but when I put it into the website this evening, it said it was 2.5 syns. Soo that obviously is a big difference and it confused me and has made me worry that I may be eating the wrong amount of syns…I guess I should bring it up with the lady who runs the group and she what she says.

Anywho, we shall see how this goes…

Also, FYI, my Slimming World weight was 16st 11.5lb (the meeting is in the evenings so it will always be heavier than my Wednesday weigh ins…)

Weigh in Wednesday

Good morning! It’s that time again…the after-Easter weigh in. And yes, I have been eating chocolate.

Last Week: 225 Pounds
Today: 227 Pounds
To lose for goal 2: 28 Pounds

I’m not surprised at gaining with all the chocolate and big meals I’ve been eating. I’m hoping that once I’m back to a healthy eating plan that will easily come off again. I want to plan out my food again as that was really helpful when I was doing it before, but I;m not sure when exactly I’m going to have time to do that! I’ll try to do it tonight but we shall see…

Biscuit Ban
The biscuit ban is over! I surprised myself with this, I did much better than I thought. I did break the ban a little early last week, but I don’t feel bad about it. I’m going to do biscuit ban for a further 2 weeks starting from today.

I’m finding it quite difficult to motivate myself to exercise at the moment. This is probably heavily related to feeling tired all the time, so I’m trying to get some more sleep at the moment. it’s not been working very well so far!

Goals for Next Week
Weight: 224 Pounds
Exercise: Go out on 2 runs

Weigh in Wednesday – Late!

Eep – this is the post that should have been posted on the 31st December!

The good news is that I DID weigh in on the correct day, I just didn’t post about it! MY BAD.

Final weigh in of 2014: 227 Pounds

2014 weight loss: 5 Pounds

This is the first year ever that I have lost weight overall. I know it doesn’t seem like much, only 5 pounds, but better than putting on! Over Christmas I ate a lot, but it could have been a lot worse. I’m looking forward to getting into a routine and exercising again.

The new year is making me feel very optimistic!

Just to lay it all out, here’s my 2015 goals:

3 Month Goals

March 29th – 209.5 pounds

June 28th – 199 pounds

September 27th – 188.5 pounds

December 20th – 178 pounds

In 2015 I will also be looking to achieve the following:

  1. Get to the top of Ben Nevis
  2. Run a 10k by the end of the year
  3. Be regularly wearing a UK size 16 by the end of the year

Lets get cracking…

March Plans

Good Morrow to all!

March is upon us, and spring has always been a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. this month, I’m going to make some changes in my life/routine/mindset which will benefit my health and weight loss.

The biggest change I am going to implement is clean eating. I am choosing to attempt to eat foods in their most natural form. There may be times when this isn’t possible/temptation happens/no food but processed foods are available; however I am going to stick with it and not give up at the first hurdle. This means that even if I’m out eating somewhere, I will be choosing the cleaner options (e.g. instead of a chicken burger and chips, have a chicken breast and vegetables).

Picking myself back up after Inevitably falling off the wagon this month leads me straight into positive thinking. I tend to become very introverted and upset with myself when I eat badly, and subsequently end up thinking negative thoughts all the time. To avoid this, I’m going to snap myself out of a downwards spiral as quickly as possible, and write lists of positive things to get me thinking on the right track. If I eat something I shouldn’t, I’m not going to beat myself up about it, I’m going to tell myself it’s OK, you had a treat, now get back to eating the right things. instead of having a whole day ruined because I ate one bad thing and deciding the rest of the day is subsequently ruined.

The next big thing for me to keep up is exercise. I tend to be very touch and go with exercising-one week I’ll be good and do really well, the next I’ll do nothing. I want to be more consistent with exercise and drag myself to the gym even if I don’t feel like going. I am aiming for 2-3 times a week, plus hiking/walking at the weekends. this is going to be especially important this month with Ben Nevis looming ever closer…

As it is a new month, it’s time for a new energy check! (click here for my previous posts on this)


Mind management 62%
Nutrition 28%
Sleep 33%
Exercise 64%
Re-energising 0%
Computer use 45%
Work-life balance 86%
Total 45%

Overall 4% less than last month. The biggest thing, yet again, is re-energising, followed by nutrition. Clean eating this month will alleviate the nutrition problem, so my habits for this month are going to be fully based around re-energising.

March habits are as follows:

  • Give myself 20 mins of stop time daily (A repeat of last month but I think this is important)
  • Incorporate Yoga into my day (again, another repeat but I want to do this)
  • Twice a week, take time to be outside in nature (I’m always cooped up at home or work, getting out will be good)

Last but not least, here are my weight goals for March. At the beginning of Feb I weighed in at 233 pounds. As of my last weigh in (and I re-weighed this morning) I am at 231 pounds. From Feb > March I’ve lost a modest 2 pounds. not amazing, but also not a bad thing. My end of March goal is to loose 9 pounds just in time for Ben Nevis. This was originally to loose 7 pounds, but as I have been up and down it is now 9.  as you will have spotted on my last weigh in post I am aiming for 222 pounds.

March goal Summary:

  • Clean Eating
  • Positive Thinking
  • Exercise 2-3 times a week + hike/walk at the weekend
  • 20 mins of down time every day to rest my brain
  • yoga daily
  • be outside twice a week
  • Weigh in at 222 pounds by the end of the month

Hope you enjoyed my rambling. (Hah!) I’m going to go clean my hiking boots ready for tomorrow!

2014! Exciting!

The new year has rolled around again, and true to form, I haven’t lost a single pound! Oh well. This year is the year I will lose it.

My number 1 2014 resolution is to lose a minimum of 2 stone by July. This is a realistic, and achievable goal that I should be able to exceed.

I am going to try harder than ever before to eat well. I want to eat whole, healthy foods, and fill up on fruits and vegetables. I want to go the the gym often and make myself fitter!

The basis of my plan is basically clean eating, and exercise. I’m going to eat as much as I want – providing it’s fruit and veg. and get to the gym 2-3 times a week. This depends on working out how to fit it around work and everything else that will be going on! Once I’ve got a routine going, I expect to see progress, and will push myself to keep the momentum going. I then want to increase the amount I am going to the gym to 3-4 times a week.

On top of eating healthily, I am also going to give up a favorite food each month. January is chips. No fries/wedges/chips for me!

Oh, and before I forget-2014 weigh in: 230 Pounds.

Hope you all had a good new years!