Post Christmas Damage

And I don’t mean flooding and storm damage.

Well, 2014 is fast approaching and I am bigger than ever.

But that’s OK. It’s a new start, a new year, new opportunities for change.

2014 is going to be the year I change my habits and eat better. I will go to the gym, eat well, and be happy. That’s the plan. No diet fads and schemes, just eating whole foods and exercising. I’m going to be keeping it simple.

Of course, I will want to challenge myself, but I’d rather get into a routine of eating well and regular exercise before doing so. Also, exercise is a challenge regardless.

Lets kick this weight out the front door for 2014!


New Years Resolutions

Here’s some weight & fitness resolutions for 2013!


I will be a dress size smaller by my birthday (mid feb)


I will run regularly, and stop making excuses not to.


I will keep up with my blogs.


A summary of 2012:

Highest weight: 213 pounds

Lowest weight: 206 pounds

Weight has fluctuated between those all year, this year will be different.