So I was at the gym on monday… (for the first time in a while) and I decided to put into action the plan to attempt to run.

This plan has slowly wriggled its way into my brain because of my housemate who has been training to do runs and whatnot… honestly ive aways wanted to be able to run, but being overweight and asthmatic and not really enjoying it before has kind of held me back, alot.

The plan formulated slowly into, lets start out really small. I am able to run for the bus when I need to, I get out of breath, but thats more, trying to get there as fast as I can before the bus goes rather than jogging along at my own pace. so, I decided to start with half a kilometer. see if I can run that, then gradually run for longer and then faster etc…

After being on the cross trainer for half an hour I went to the treadmill, jumped on, and ran. for half a kilometer in 4 minutes 17 seconds. I did it, (big woo 😀 ) but was out of breath and my calves and ankles hurt. (obviously I stretched out after, not doing so = ouchies)

I think my body isn’t used to running, or exercising in general, which is why my legs hurt so much. I’m hoping to continue running and run for longer periods of time, and maybe eventually run outside… big scary outside world…

If this goes well, I’ll think about joining my housemate in applying to runs and actually achieve something through exercise…big scary thought.