This is the cork board on my wall. I’ve pinned up some pictures of myself, and one picture of my face when I was thin, with a recent picture in the same pose to compare to. This should act as inspiration to get to the gym and to not eat bad foods.





I have also made a progress chart so I can visually track my weight loss against the minimum I should be losing – one pound a week. I was considering putting mums data on there too, but we aren’t anywhere near each other on the weight scale, and she would drop off the end of my chart!



I hope these will inspire me to eat better and exercise more, and seeing the line graph go down rather than up will be great 🙂


PICTURES. Finally :)

so this is what I look like now… well, while I was on holiday anyway.  . . I kept saying to myself ‘progress pics, progress pics!’ but never got round to doing them. well, here are some pictures of me at my biggest. Enjoy…


2012                                                                            2008