Slimming World Update

I’ve been part of Slimming World for 21 weeks. I have not lost any weight because I haven’t been following the plan – at the beginning I lost weight because I did actually follow the plan, but went off track and piled it back on again.

I’m not entirely sure about the reasons behind why I stopped or why I’m finding it hard to get back into it, but I’m trying. I recently bought a beautiful food and exercise planner, in which I can plan out my meals for the week and calculate how many syns I have. Getting into the habit of filling this out everyday is important, then I can integrate the Slimming World plan, and try the recipes I’ve been collecting.

For those who aren’t counting down yet – we have 7 weeks until Christmas. In that time I want to lose the stone I lost and put back on after starting slimming world. To achieve this, I need to be aiming for losses of 2 pounds every week. It’s time to get serious and push myself back into following the plan!

Week 21 weight: 17st 0.5lb (238.5 pounds)

Week 22 goal: 16st 12.5lb (236.5 pounds)

Week 28 (boxing day) goal: 16st 0.5lb (224.5 pounds)


Weigh In – Slimming World Week 12

Hello, it’s been a while. As you can probably guess I’ve been off plan for a while. Hence the no posting. I have still been going to slimming world every week, but I’ve not had any motivation in keeping to the plan. I also had a holiday, work stress, and the stress of moving house! Busy busy.

I am pretty much back up to the weight I started slimming world at, but I was heavier and actually had a loss this week so…I’m getting back on track.

Current weight: 16st 11lb (235 pounds)

6 week goal: 15st 10lb (220 pounds)

Next weeks goal: 16st 7lb (231 pounds)

Meal planning is essential going forwards, I always do better when I know what I’m going to be eating…

Personal Training 2.0 – The One with the Beard

My gym was offering a free hour session with the Personal Trainer, Beard Guy. So of course I decided to take him up on that. I had a chat with him last week and we discussed diet, slow burning carbs vs fast burning carbs, as well as my main goals (weight loss, stamina, strength). I always feel really akward talking to someone I dont know about stuff like this, especially on a one to one basis sat in an office. Akward. I was worried that I wasn’t coming across very well or expressing myself. Ohwell. He seemed to have enough to go on for our active session though so maybe it was ok…

Last night we did the active part of the session, and boy do I feel an ache this morning. A good kind of ache though, not too much, but enough to feel like I worked hard. We went through some weight lifting – BG explaining what would be better for goal 1 (weight loss) as opposed to going heavy, building strength and subsequently putting weight on. Less weight +more reps = fat burn and strength building.

We went through some supersets, which I haven’t really done before. Those were interesting…a bit difficult, but good.

Interval training on the cardio machines was discussed, it is more effective than long, slow training and keeps your body burning energy for 24h afterwards when at rest. Always a bonus, amiright?

My form during the movements was good, no major problems there. Yay me. And Scott for teaching me correctly…

Here’s the plan:
P.S. this plan was developed specifically for me and my abilities, please consult a PT if you want to do something similar.

Warm up:
Treadmill on 1% incline
5 mins, increase speed each min, last min should be a jog

Kinetic stretches – movements that stretch while moving.
Swing arms across body
Roll neck around
Circle hips
Knees up and across
Kick legs back

Squats with barbell:
Warm up with bar first – 12 reps, fast
5-10kg – 6 x 12 reps – fast
This is optional, take out to stay within an hour workout

5kg – 6 x 15 reps – fast

Squat to shoulder press:
5kg (dbells-2.5 per side) – 45 second intervals

Spiderman crunch / mountain climbers:
Alternate between the two – fast

Chest press 21kg / Bicep curl 16.5kg
3 x 10 / 10 reps

Ab crunch machine 20kg / under and over 4kg (medicine ball or dumbell)
5 x 15 / 15 reps

Treadmill or cross trainer
20 mins if possible, 10 mins minimum

Warm down:
Treadmill on 10% incline, 5.0 speed
5 mins
Bring incline and speed down each minute

Static stretches

Voilà! My plan. BG said it’s more of an advanced plan as I wasn’t afraid to try things and do the weights, so no need to start with the bar and build confidence. Which is good. I think having a PT would definitley benefit me, BG kept me focused and I worked harder because someone was there to push me. This month I’m mapping out my finances for next year, I’m hoping I can squeeze in some PT sessions…

you know when something isn’t working.

I have a problem.

I struggle with my weight and to eat ‘good’ foods. and the right amount of them. I eat too much cheese, and have a giant sweet tooth-especially for biscuits.

I give in to temptation all the time.

I’m lazy and don’t have any staying power, making sticking to an eating plan and exercise regime difficult.

I expect to see results quickly when I try, and when I don’t I loose faith in what I’m doing and end up weighing more than I did before. When I try and it doesn’t work, I want to give up.

I’ve weighed the same-give or take 5 pounds-for at least a year (probably longer), despite trying to lose weight. When I think about this I hate myself for not trying hard enough.

I don’t feel good enough to lose weight. I don’t deserve it. 

As it turns out, I have several problems.


The theme in all of them, is me. my opinions of myself, my lack of conviction and belief. What I’m doing is clearly not working.

I must not be exercising hard enough, or often enough. And I must be eating unhealthily and in big quantities.

If I were to do the opposite, I would be thin, yes? Because that is how the world works. Science.

Eat less, Exercise more = weight loss.

Simple formula…so why do I make it so complicated?

Eating habits are the first thing to tackle. I eat too much, I need to make my portion sizes smaller. When I am faced with temptation I need to remind myself that I will not reach my goal by eating this. Eat some fruit instead. Simple.


Running is an exercise I have found myself to like doing. It makes me feel good afterwards. I need to make sure that I am running every other day. Get into a routine of doing this, and I am less likely to give it up. Running in the morning was energising, however getting up early to go out and do it is hard. I need to try harder, and keep it up.

Swimming is fun, but aching the next day will stop me from running. aim to swim once a week, on a day that I have run, to utilise time to rest the day after.

Use the Nike app on iPod for toning and strength. Twice a week to begin, once fitness threshold improves, increase this amount.

Use exercise as a way to de-stress from uni work.


This is my formula for change, I need to do this for myself, and I cant expect it to happen at the drop of a hat. I need to work for it.