A walk in the park…

Yesterday I went on a hack with my BFF. By that I mean she was hacking, and I was walking behind trying to keep up.

FYI-Hacking is when you are out on a horse – in this case a pony – going around places. Usually countryside.

We were out for about an hour, so I think we probably did about 3 miles – maybe a bit more as we were going at a faster pace that average walking.

I distinctly remember Pip saying to me something along then lines of ‘I think it will be quite dry on the off road bit, it was when I went down there last time.’ Of course when we got to it, it’s a dirt track used by farmers (I assume) to access their fields. Bearing in mind it had been raining all day, it was extremely boggy. And I wasn’t exactly wearing the correct shoes for it! Thank you for that Pippin… 😉

It was fun trying to avoid falling on my ass while also trying to keep up with Biff’s magnificent behind. I did a little bit of jogging occasionally just to catch up so I could walk alongside the dynamic duo and chat to them.

So that was my exercise for Saturday, today I’m off to watch Pip and Max do their half marathon!


Self-fulfilling Prophecy

I’ve been spending the weekend with Pippydip (BFF) and we decided to get some exercise in after a weekend of eating birthday food. If you’re familiar with her blog you’ll know that she is very fit and is currently training for a half marathon. After an exciting impromptu riding lesson in which I managed to throw myself off Ernest the pony, We decided to go for a runwalk. Regardless of being at different running abilities – Pip has 4 years of running experience on my meagre year and a bit.

I haven’t run for a while and I didn’t think I would be able to do much. I said as much to Pip, though it sounded more like ‘I can’t run’. Actually it was exactly that. Pip kicked my butt and made me say I can run. And do you know what, I can. We ran for 6 minutes before going back to walking. I haven’t run for that length of time for a long while, probably since my first 5k in June. Didn’t realise how long it had been until I thought about it…oops. Pip made me think about how much I self-depreciate what I can do and, by extension, talk myself into not being able to push myself as far as I can go. I appreciate now how a self fulfilling prophecy works, I say I can’t, then I try and can’t do it. So thank you Pip, for pointing this out. I’m not saying I’m going to be Polly positive about it, but I can try to remind myself that actually I can do stuff.

Run info:
6 min walk warm up
6 mins (!!) Running
Walk interval
3 mins running
Walk cool down
This is an estimate, the only firm time is the 6 mins of running.

Yay me.

Now, I know you are probably wondering about the story behind the riding incident I mentioned earlier. I went with Pippin to the yard to see Ernest, while we were in the stable brushing Biff down, Pip hands me her riding helmet and tells me to try it on. So I do, it doesn’t fit so I take it off, not thinking much of it. Until Pip hands me Maxx’s helmet, which again I put on. It fits better than the first one, and by this point I have my suspicions, but am holding my breath while not wanting to be too presumptuous. I was being overcautious, of course it was exactly what it looked like. I have never ridden before, so for me this was quite exciting.

We headed over to the exit, Pip grabs a mounting block and instructs me in how to mount. Would now be a good time to mention that I am not great with jumping on or off things? I pluck up my courage and clamber up. Ungracefully, but I’m on.

It felt very strange, to be on top of an animal that moves around, breathes, has muscles that move and sways when he walks. I was quite tense to begin with, but once we were out on the road for a bit I started to relax and felt more comfortable. It helped that Pip was talking me through it all. We were going for a bit and I was really enjoying myself, the veiw from a pony (I say pony, he is 14 and a half hands so is horse sized, just a bit smaller and of the pony persuasion) seemed really different compared to my normal height.

After we had been walking for 25 mins, we pulled onto a grassy bank so I could dismount. No mounting block this time… I said to Pip that I was worried about jumping off. She said ‘what’s the worst that will happen? you’ll just fall on your butt.’

I unhooked my feet from the stirrups, and mentally prepared myself to swing my leg over and jump to the ground. I hold onto the front of the saddle, put lots of effort into swinging my leg over the back – I didnt want to kick him by accident or get stuck – got my leg over, and the momentum kept me going, and going, and then I was on the floor. Laying half underneath Ernest.

Looking back, I think what must have happened is when swinging my leg over, I did it with too much oomph. This then carried me all the way over but I didn’t reach the ground to stop the leg swing, which kept my momentum going-swinging my legs under Ernest until my right buttock and hip hit the floor. Needless to say I was quite winded. Scrabbling out from under Ernest was a bit difficult, but I knew I needed to do that sharpish, then I could continue with feeling sorry for myself! I was really worried I would fall down, and then I did. At least it happened and it won’t be so bad next time! (Next time???)

I do wish someone had recorded it. Then again, if they had I would have to relive it over and over… I’m quite certain that I’m never going to live this down as it is…

EDIT: On Monday I also went for a run and managed to do 7 minutes without stopping, and a further 1 m after a walk break. The total distance was 2.5k in 24 mins.