Weigh In – Slimming World Week 13

First week back onto doing Slimming World for a while, and it was tough. I had fallen back into the habit of just eating everything all the time and snacking a lot so I really struggled this week. I did a food diary all week and tracked my syns – even when I went massively over! I only managed to stay within my syn allowance on 1 day this week…oops.

Last Weeks Weight: 16st 11lb (235 pounds)

This Weeks Weight: 16st 9.5lb (233.5 pounds)

Loss to Date: 2 pounds

To Lose for 6 week Goal: 13.5 pounds (By 10.10.15)

I wasn’t expecting a 1.5 pounds loss this week. quite pleased with it, so I’m feeling more positive about being back on plan and keeping up with it – all down to the meal planning! I’ve discovered a few very interesting looking recipes on the SW website, so I’ll be aiming to give some of those a go soon too. Especially the desserts!!

Goal for Next Week: 16st 7lb (231 pounds)

Have a good week…

Weigh in

Last time I weighed in I was 211 pounds. since then I put on 4 pounds, right up to 215, and lost a pound a week for the last 2 weeks.

Current weight: 213 pounds

Long Term Goal: 130 pounds

Short term goal: 210 pounds

Still going with the 30 day squat challenge, day 12 for me today – rest day. I have a huge deadline for the end of this week, so it’s unlikely I’ll be doing extra working out around that – other than walking to work/rehearsals/whatnot.

My wall chart has almost run out of weeks, I’ll have to make a new one soon enough! I think this time I’ll make it on an A4 sheet, and only have 20 or so pounds on there, then if I get close to the bottom I can make another sheet. Probably be easier than making another giant one!

Still logging food on my fitness pal, even if I’ve been eating badly.

Really want to shift this weight!


Highest weight: 213 pounds

Last weeks weight: 213 pounds

This weeks weight: 211 pounds

Progress: -2 pounds


Hopefully by next week I’ll be out of the 200-and-teens!

I know it’s only a number, but losing something makes me feel like healthy eating and doing the workout is completely worth it. I hope it continues!

Aiming for a lower calorie intake and keeping up with it has helped loads. Even if it does feel like torture to have to avoid foods I always overeat on!

Jillian’s 30 Day Shred is great, and I’m so motivated to keep it up, no thought of having days off has crossed my mind 🙂

Have a good week!

30DS: Day 5

Still struggling with the push ups, but I’ve not given up on them yet. I hope I wont.

Literally have sweat running down my face, gross, but I’m thinking of it as fat leaving the body.

Feel more motivated to do this, heard from my family today and they are all doing well with their own weight goals, so I need to keep it up or be the fat one in the family! 😉

I pushed harder on the cardio parts today, and I didn’t stop as much during the strength section as I did at the beginning-just in the push ups.

Also went swimming  today, did 16 lengths, 1/4 mile. Probably a good thing after my overeating yesterday!

Absolutely no need for a rest day, could’v done with one yesterday but  I chose not to have one. Feeling good about keeping up with this.

30DS: Day 2

Day 2 went well. I got through the push ups better than I did yesterday, that may have been because yesterday I was carrying heavy stock so my arms were already tired. I have really bad upper body strength! But, this should start to get better with this workout!

I still ache, and felt like I was going to die during the workout. I’m apprehensive about what level 2 will be like, I’ve heard about some plank jumping jacks which I’m really dreading! My calves are one of the worst pains, but walking around and stretching them out will help!

I have a feeling day 3/4 will be one of the toughest, tomorrow because I have work all day so have to get up really early to do it, then go into work for 8 hours where I’ll no doubt have to carry heavy items. I’m hoping that once I’m past tomorrow it will get a little easier-until level up time!


To weigh, or not to weigh…

I really didn’t want to weigh in today because I knew I had put on. I was right.

Highest weight: 213 pounds

Last weeks weight: 212 pounds

This weeks weight: 213 pounds

Put on the pound I lost last week.

Feel very stuck. been this weight or hereabouts for a year. drastic changes need to be made. and exercise needs to happen every day.

I bought Jillians 30 day shred DVD and was hoping it would arrive today, no such luck, it hasn’t been dispatched yet. A little annoyed about that, I want to do a workout today when I’m back from work and go swimming. Or, run and then swim.

It’s my food intake that’s letting me down, I did a lot of exercise last week and still put on. My food diary is a mess of overeating in the evenings. I need to actually plan my meals.

This week will be better. 3-7 pound loss would be good.


I’m Back!

I’ve been manic busy the past week working on a panto so I’ve had no time whatsoever.

The last time I posted much have been around new years…okay, so over Christmas I put back on the half a stone I lost before, so I’m now right back up there at 213 pounds.

There is 4 weeks until my brithday, I’m calling this my 4 week challenge (to drop a dress size by my birthday – one of my new years resolutions!) I’m going to exercise 4-5 times every week and be SUPER good with my diet. I’m going to plan meals ahead and keep a food diary so I can hold myself accountable for what I am eating.

I hate to admit this but I am a dress size 18 (UK). I’ve been kidding myself a little about this, thinking I’m a 16-18 or 18 just in trousers, but the truth is, I am an 18. I can still get into 16’s but they are snug and uncomfortable. By my birthday I will be in the lower end of a size 16, and be able to get into my size 14’s, even if they’re a little uncomfortable!

weight-wise, I think that’s a loss of about 14-21 pounds. which puts me back in the 100 range-somewhere I haven’t been for a long time. Excitement!

I can do this. I just have to plan ahead and stick to it!

A Post-Christmas Post


I’m glad the majority of the food eating event has passed!

I feel slightly ashamed to admit that I used to take all this eating in my stride and it wouldn’t bother me much – maybe for an hour or two until the next yummy treat was brought out! But not this year. This year I was full all day, very uncomfortable! however I have been enjoying the Christmas dinner and other treats…Have definitely learnt that it’s OK to leave food on my plate if I’m full instead of forcing it all down until I burst.

I feel there’s a lot of work ahead of me to achieve my goals. Like a mountain of will power and exercise.

Happy Monday

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 207

Current weight: 206

Progress from last week: -1  😀

Overall Progress: +1 pound

Quite suprised I didn’t put on, I was sure I was overeating too much. At best I was hoping to maintain, but no! I lost a pound, hooray! Almost down to my start weigh again. It’s taken long enough! once I pass that I will  feel like any weight lost from now on is real progress, not just trying to get back to an overweight target I should have been long past already!

This week is going to be difficult, le boyfriend is over and I always end up overeating when he is here, he is always hungry. If I do eat more than usual while he’s here, I’m going to make sure it’s fruit. Whether he likes it or not!

Aiming for a loss of 2 pounds or more, to get me underneath that start weight!

My fitness freak friend suggested I aim to weigh 180 by the time everyone is back at uni (4 weeks from now) that’s 26 pounds in 4 weeks. I’m not sure that’s even possible, but I suppose if I exercised 4-5 times a week it would happen. I think I’ll look at this as my ambitious target. Still aim for it, but not get too upset if I don’t achieve it…

weigh day monday

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 207

Current weight: 207

Progress from last week: no change

Overall Progress: +2 pounds

maintained this week. I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to be losing anything. But I didn’t put on, which is the good news!

Aiming to lose 2 pounds again this week…

This week I’m hoping to start up running again, my chest infection is slowly going away so I’m hoping  if I start slow and take my asthma pump with me I should be OK.

Have a bit of a stressful week ahead of me, I’m likely to comfort eat. I’m going to have to exercise my willpower and not eat bad foods. fruit and veg FTW!