Weigh in Wednesday

On an actual Wednesday! Huzzah!

Last week: 232
This week: 231

1 pound down. I think this is definitely due to water retention, as my eating is not good enough to warrant that loss. But it will be! I need to make a huge effort with what I eat. I always say this, but as soon as I’m faced with biscuits I give in and eat them. Damn my insatiable need for sweet things…

As I said above, I’m going to make a herculean effort to avoid my trigger foods. I’m doing well at home, there are chocolate bars in the fridge that I have not touched. Though it helps that I’m not there all day…
I need to befriend fruit and veg. I don’t eat enough of it!

It took a couple of days to recover from last week’s 5k, so I haven’t done much outside of my usual everyday walking. I need to go on at least 1 run this week, then pick it all back up again next week if I want to have any chance of improving my time in the next 5k.

Work is stressful, I dont sleep much and I feel like I’m always busy. I need to make sure I take some time to relax and let go of the days stress. Best time to do this would be before bed, which will help with getting to sleep.

Race For Life Training Week #3

Weeee another week is over! Unfortunately I only managed 2 runs this week, too much food at the weekend + doing stuff for mums birthday = no time!

Run #6: week 3 of C25K – well I can undoubtedly say that I never reached week 3 when I was doing this before. I thought I had, but I definitely have not. This one is 90 secs running, 90 secs walking, 3 mins running, 3 mins walking. X 2. Well I certainly threw myself into this one. My ankles were killing me during this run, so I did end up missing the 90second run on the repeat. But, I did both 3 min sections. I have not run for that length of time ever.  Maybe when I was small but defo not for a looong time! I felt a little epic after doing that…

Run #7: week 3 of C25K – I wasn’t really looking forward to doing this, but I dragged myself (and my sister) out regardless. I did all of the running sections this time, I think running with sisterbell helped because I didn’t want to fail at running and have to call her back (she is much fitter than I am and had no trouble with it). I’m glad I pushed myself through this session.

Race For Life Training Week #2

Eep it’s getting closer! I only got 2 runs in last week unfortunately, but this week will be better!

Run #4: week 2 of C25K – This run was not great. My ankles were hurting and I couldn’t breathe. I did 4 out of the 6 running sections, but I’m proud of myself for continuing. The two I missed were in the middle, so it took alot for me to do the last 2 sections.

Run #5: week 2 of C25K – I really didn’t feel like running. But as I had just eaten a whole easter egg I had to force myself to go out. It went well. I did all of the sections and felt really good afterwards for doing it. Yay for endorphins! I did get a stich, so I stretched it out while walking, and continued on. In this run I was conciously trying to keep my head up and forward. Doing this really helped my posture and breathing while running, and I felt like I was running faster too. More of this in future please!

This week I want to do 4 runs, and blast through week 3 of C25K. This week is a big one for me. If I get past this week I will have got further on C25K than ever before, in a short amount of time too. Slightly scary! I hope I can do this…

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