Random musings

Do you ever find that when you start running/working out suddenly It’s like you’re part of a clan?

I mean, there’s the whole tracking progress thing, and if you talk to another runner or whatnot you compare and talk about ways to improve, goals and such…

I know that’s not actually that weird, it’s good to talk to others about your workout regime. It’s more the feeling of all belonging to one big club. An exercise club.

Something that is quite weird is approving of other runners & exercisers. For example, yesterday I was on my way home after the gym, got off the bus and saw a man running. My immediate thoughts were ‘good man’. Instant approval! What is that about?! I was thinking about this afterwards and came to the conclusion that I admired him for being out running when it was so cold, it was 4°c out! (I’m aware that for some people that’s nothing compared to temps they run in, that just makes me admire them more!)

Is this just something I do?? Or is everyone aware of the exercise club and approve of random runners????