Run Soloo

(^ said in the voice of Jabba the Hut)      < me in the mornings!  😉

Just got back from my first solo run.

It went well, I paced myself well and even continued running for a few seconds after the podcast had said to stop. however, I did have to stop halfway to do up my shoelaces!

My ankles were not very happy to have weight on them! they felt really stiff and strained the whole way around, I believe this could be because I was on my feet all day at work, and my shoes weren’t done up tight enough (before I stopped to re-lace them). they still weren’t very happy after I had tightened my trainers, so I’m leaning more towards them being overtired. I’ve also been having trouble with my left knee today, a slight twinge. While running I noticed my hips were aching, and now that I’m back home my hips are still aching. I’m hoping this is just down to being at work rather than some form of running injury! …

My breathing was much better, not chatting helps to concentrate on pulling air in and out!

I enjoyed the run, even with the aches and pains, it was a nice time to run. My route goes into town in the middle of it, and it was nice to see the town after all the shoppers had gone home, before all the night life comes out.

I think it’s slowly dawning on me that I like running 😐 Weird.

the time of week when I broadcast my weight on the internet…

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 208

Progress so far: +3

No progress, but on the bright side no gain either. This week is going to be difficult because everyone is back at uni, and will want to meet up and drink/eat. I’m going to have to be really careful with what I eat. (Although, thinking about it, that’s not really a big change)

I’m glad I went running twice this week. I probably would have put on if I hadn’t! Speaking of running, I’m planning on going today. at some point. I NEEED to. Probably this evening.

doing this week’s shop later on, not going to buy any crap. fruit and veg FTW!

Weigh in-still losing!

Unfortunately I’m losing to mum, not losing weight…

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 207

Progress so far: +2

Mum’s progress so far: -6

I have no hope of catching up now. but I can try…

I know I didn’t post last week…I was in hiding. from the truth. I put on last week, and have maintained this week.

Buuut getting back on track now, this week should see a loss for next weigh in!

I have a new breakfast favourite, granola and natural yoghurt. yumyum.


Plan for the week:

don’t buy any bad foods, therefore have none in flat to eat.

don’t eat whenever boyfriend eats-he needs to eat more than I do.

go to the gym at least once.




midweek first week

Not doing too badly, other than eating out at a harvesters yesterday – BUT, i did opt for lower calorie options, and lean meat, and didnt have a dinner later in the evening (mostly because i was full for hours after…) i did chow down on several clementines though. which abated cravings for sweet things. plus, vitamin c is always good 🙂   only downside is now ill need to buy more in the next day or two..

Gym so far has been a no-go, however i may be going later on this evening depending on uni work. which will be good 🙂 if not, then i will definitely go tomorrow after my lecture. promise.


Oh! also, i have a more definite time space to aim for, I’m hopefully going on holiday abroad with a couple of friends at the end of june, so this gives me a good time frame and motivation to work towards something, rather than relying on my willpower alone….oh the exitement 🙂


Evening all…

So I may have been a little non-frugal (non-frugal?! I dont think that’s even a word..what’s the opposite to frugal?) Anywayy, I bought a pair of skinny jeans, that dont fit me – they should because they’re in my dress size but i seem to have to buy bigger in skinnys compared to normal jeans. bleugh.

To be honest, I was still quite frugal as they were only £1! amazing!

My plan is to use them as a measure of weight loss, rather than being obsessed by weighing myself. Dont get me wrong, I will still weigh myself, just now I have a mini-goal to aim for rather than looking at the big goal and feeling intimidated & like I cant do it.

To sum up,

Mini goal: fit into bargain skinnys

Big Goal: fit into tiny bodycon dress without feeling like an overstuffed sausage…(drop 2 dress sizes)


Good Morrow!
good day today, woke up, weighed myself, found out I have lost half a stone in 4 days. And i have NO IDEA how. well actually thats a little bit of a lie, ive been quite bloated so methinks that has passed from the excessive water drinking yesterday. plus the water drinking speeding up metabolism. . . More of the same today hopefully. having a day out so I think im going to bring my giant water bottle with me so I can make sure im drinking lots of water.  and maybe bring some healthy snacks so that i dont end up buying anything i shouldnt…like biscuits…again.

to sum up, pleased that im back under 13st, going to drink loads of water, and not snack so much. oh, plus do loads of walking while accompanying my housemate shopping .

water+exercise+superfood= win!