Weigh in

Last time I weighed in I was 211 pounds. since then I put on 4 pounds, right up to 215, and lost a pound a week for the last 2 weeks.

Current weight: 213 pounds

Long Term Goal: 130 pounds

Short term goal: 210 pounds

Still going with the 30 day squat challenge, day 12 for me today – rest day. I have a huge deadline for the end of this week, so it’s unlikely I’ll be doing extra working out around that – other than walking to work/rehearsals/whatnot.

My wall chart has almost run out of weeks, I’ll have to make a new one soon enough! I think this time I’ll make it on an A4 sheet, and only have 20 or so pounds on there, then if I get close to the bottom I can make another sheet. Probably be easier than making another giant one!

Still logging food on my fitness pal, even if I’ve been eating badly.

Really want to shift this weight!



Continuing on from my previous post, I am going back to basics – simplifying things. So I’m going to revisit my goals, and focus on achieving them.


Ultimate goal = 130 pounds.        need to lose 80 pounds to reach this. I will post progress pictures for every 10 pounds lost


Goal = to be a healthy BMI  –  weight goal will put me in the healthy zone.


Run 5k.       this is more of a short-term goal. It could be achieved by the end of this year, and gives me something to aim for that isn’t completely weight-related. Once achieved, I can set a new goal.


To clean eat wherever possible


My main focus will be the fitness goal, it seems more achievable and in achieving this I will also get closer to my weight/health goals. my food goal is also extremely important, without eating well, I wont lose weight no matter how much I run.