First Run…

Just got back form my first run… and it was HARD. I’m so unfit I cant run for 60 seconds without dying!

The run was 8 minutes of running overall, split into 60 second chunks, with 90 seconds of walking in-between, and 5 mins walking before and after to warm up and down.

My chest is killing me, my head hurts, and I feel sick. I dont think running is meant to feel like that?! add that to the cracking blister that appeared mid-run, and I’m all set to go to work….

I’m hoping a lot of my chest discomfort at the moment is down to the cold I have, which has been moving into my chest, which means it should get easier to breathe, if I remember to bring my asthma pump too. (whoopsie for running without my pump…)

this is the first of three runs this week, I’m not sure if I’ll survive them!

au revoir, time for me to hit the shower!