Work it!

Bought a magazine the other day, Health & Fitness February 2013 issue. there was a ballet/pilates workout in there that I wanted to try out, so I did that today! I definitely need to get hold of a yoga mat to do home workouts on!

I found the workout quite good, however I think I would benefit from doing it with someone or in front of mirrors so I can check my stance and posture for some of the exercises.

I also did some skipping to get my heart pumping.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going swimming, looking forward to it, but also not because my hairdye is going to go everywhere!



I’ve been really neglecting my running. and now that it’s darker earlier I find it hard to find time to run outside of work/uni.

Today I really wanted to exercise.

I have the Nike training app on my iPod, but there isn’t enough space in my flat to do the workouts 😦

Then I spotted my skipping rope hanging on the side of my bookcase, grabbed it, my iPod, and went into the garden and skipped 🙂 (for 4-5 mins, it’s hard work!)

Yay, exercise! now I’m going to go do some sit ups!




Did 100 crunches, and the plank for 30 seconds. I hope I ACHE tomorrow.