Close Friend/Worst Enemy?

Oh heyyy!


I was thinking a lot today about me, and my weight, and how I react to friends trying to help me with this. Friends (and boyfriend) who are intending to help by making comments like ‘should you really be eating that?’ when I’m contemplating something yummy can sometimes have the opposite effect. Especially if I am feeling naff about myself already, and their comment just highlights it and make me feel worse, then I overeat anyway because I am an emotional eater. Vicious cycle.


Therefore, I humbly request that my friends, family and boyfriend no longer comment about things like this, and allow me to do this my way. I want the weight loss to be my achievement, something I did myself. Granted, not all of my friends make comments like this, and some are great to chat to about weight ETC, but at times I just feel like saying…if I don’t ask for your opinion, then please don’t comment on my choices. KTHANX.


Weigh in

Still hovering around that 215 mark. But, have lost a pound since last week. I want to lose more this week to try to kick-start a downward curve. That would make me very happy.

I don’t really have much food in the house, but I need to start making a packed lunch to take out with me for when I’m running around super busy. I’m thinking wraps-started making those a little while ago, yummy. That can go on my shopping list for after work today!

I need to try harder with this. I’m too much of a pushover when faced with yummy food…

30DS: Day 6

I found it hard today, I was tired, hadn’t eaten anything, not in the best of moods, and it all made me feel demoralised. Still got through it though. Just about.

I don’t seem to be losing any weight or losing inches as of yet, but I’ll do an official measurement/weigh in/picture on day 10 (as well as my usual weigh day on monday)

I’ve been eating back the majority of the calories I burn, I need to be strict with myself and not do this so much if I want to see any real differences.

To weigh, or not to weigh…

I really didn’t want to weigh in today because I knew I had put on. I was right.

Highest weight: 213 pounds

Last weeks weight: 212 pounds

This weeks weight: 213 pounds

Put on the pound I lost last week.

Feel very stuck. been this weight or hereabouts for a year. drastic changes need to be made. and exercise needs to happen every day.

I bought Jillians 30 day shred DVD and was hoping it would arrive today, no such luck, it hasn’t been dispatched yet. A little annoyed about that, I want to do a workout today when I’m back from work and go swimming. Or, run and then swim.

It’s my food intake that’s letting me down, I did a lot of exercise last week and still put on. My food diary is a mess of overeating in the evenings. I need to actually plan my meals.

This week will be better. 3-7 pound loss would be good.


3 weeks until my birthday!

Highest weight: 213 pounds

Last weeks weight: 213 pounds

This weeks weight: 212 pounds

Progress: -1 pound


This week is week 2 of my 4 week shed, not off to a flying start, but the weather has impeded my exercise plans. Also an excessive amount of cereal bars had a negative effect.

This week will be better. I will swim, work out at home, and not buy any cereal bars.

I’ll keep you updated!

A Post-Christmas Post


I’m glad the majority of the food eating event has passed!

I feel slightly ashamed to admit that I used to take all this eating in my stride and it wouldn’t bother me much – maybe for an hour or two until the next yummy treat was brought out! But not this year. This year I was full all day, very uncomfortable! however I have been enjoying the Christmas dinner and other treats…Have definitely learnt that it’s OK to leave food on my plate if I’m full instead of forcing it all down until I burst.

I feel there’s a lot of work ahead of me to achieve my goals. Like a mountain of will power and exercise.


So I was looking at my progress chart earlier this week (here’s the original post about it!) and I realised that, even though I’ve been progressing really slowly, in the past 7 weeks Ive lost half a stone. 7 pounds. that’s a pound a week on average. needless to say, I was quite pleased when I realised this, and I feel really motivated to keep at this, even if it is too slow for my liking!

Progress chart above is a pic of the up-to date progress chart. The purple line is my weight, the green lines are my original aims, and my current target line. The red pins are where I am now, and my epic goal for when I’m back to uni.

Apologies for the bad blurry quality of the pic, my camera isn’t working so had to use blurry webcam!

Using a chart has helped me keep my weight in mind when I’ve contemplated eating junk foods, which has helped me to resist them.

Another tool I use to keep me motivated is by trying to fit into old clothes. I have tons of clothes that don’t fit any more, you can follow my wardrobe escapades here.