Run Soloo

(^ said in the voice of Jabba the Hut)      < me in the mornings!  😉

Just got back from my first solo run.

It went well, I paced myself well and even continued running for a few seconds after the podcast had said to stop. however, I did have to stop halfway to do up my shoelaces!

My ankles were not very happy to have weight on them! they felt really stiff and strained the whole way around, I believe this could be because I was on my feet all day at work, and my shoes weren’t done up tight enough (before I stopped to re-lace them). they still weren’t very happy after I had tightened my trainers, so I’m leaning more towards them being overtired. I’ve also been having trouble with my left knee today, a slight twinge. While running I noticed my hips were aching, and now that I’m back home my hips are still aching. I’m hoping this is just down to being at work rather than some form of running injury! …

My breathing was much better, not chatting helps to concentrate on pulling air in and out!

I enjoyed the run, even with the aches and pains, it was a nice time to run. My route goes into town in the middle of it, and it was nice to see the town after all the shoppers had gone home, before all the night life comes out.

I think it’s slowly dawning on me that I like running 😐 Weird.


A new discovery…

Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon! [depending on where you are!]

For a little while now I’ve been nursing the idea of running. I was always terrible at it, and I have little to no stamina or endurance. But, it’s cheaper than the gym (which I am not longer a member of) and has lots of health benefits.

My friend asked me if I had tried the NHS running podcast, I had never heard of it, soo I googled it and found the Couch to 5k by NHS Choices. its free, and its a 9 week plan to get you being able to run 5k in half an hour. It sounds really good, and helpful 🙂

It builds you up to it slowly, coaching you, and I believe that it will work, if i stick to it. which is why I’m writing about it on here.. keeping a diary of running that people will read will keep me on track, because if I say I’m going to go for a run, and then don’t, I’ll have to face the wrath of staring at a blank page to write about how I didn’t go and do it. Scary stuff.

I really want this to work, a friend of mine has said she will do it with me, however she can already run 5k, so I’m not sure she will want to slow right down to my pitiful pace! none the less…we all have to starts somewhere…