30 Day Challenge: Day 10 Update

30 day challenge As you may know, I am currently partaking in two challenges. This one is the 30 day challenge, which I started on the 1st August.

It is now day 10, and definitely time for an update.

Progress so far:


I’m not having too much trouble with these at the moment. I have pretty good strength in my legs, and I’ve done a 30 day squat challenge before. I’m quite certain that later in the challenge I will begin to find this more difficult.

Push Ups

I suck at push ups. Initially  I was doing the full push up, but I kep feeling pain in my lower stomach when doing this, and I wasn’t able to get all the way down and back up again. I have since switched to doing push ups from my knees, which has improved my form and eradicated the pain I was feeling. starting to really struggle with these, 15 was almost too much!


Oh god the plank.  Another which I am really not very good at. Back in my school days we did Aerobics classes for PE, and we were doing planks every time. I thought I wouldn’t struggle with this as much as I have been; clearly the little strength I developed back then has long departed. These have been difficult. I haven’t been able to hold it for the full amount of time on all of them, so have had to split it up, and do the full time overall. Having said that I’m awful at these, I am definitely seeing improvement – I could barely do 20 seconds to start, and today I managed the full minite in one go. Yay!


I’m pretty good with these. I used to do quite a lot through school and college so I tend not to struggle with these very much. Now I’m heading towards a higher amount of reps I am feeling the burn more and more however. This will only get harder from here on out!

Overall, I feel that I’m doing pretty good with this. I haven’t missed a day, and am keeping up with it. Woooooo

Lets hope I keep it up for the remaining 20 days…



Bro’, Do You Even Lift?

I’ve never done weightlifting before. Ever. After hearing miss Pips go on about it (I kid, I love hearing about it really) I have been thinking about giving it a go for a while. Problem is, I have no idea what I’m doing, or how to start. Enter Mr Scott. I practically bugged him until he said yes to helping me out on this. Luckilly it didnt take much bugging at all… so we joined forces and headed to the gym.

Leg Day
Those dreaded words. Unfortunately for me, Scott remembered that I have quite strong legs. From our school days. There was a lot of walking up hills to get home. So he was quite happily pushing me further than perhaps others would have…

We started with warming up on the cross trainer, then moved over to the bench press. I’m aware this isn’t legs, Scott was showing me how to do it properly. So we did:

Bench press: bar only 1 x 5
10kg 3 x 5

Deadlifts were next. I’ve heard a lot about these from Pip, and have been wondering about doing them ever since. Scott taght me the movement with proper form, then we jumped in at 10 kg on the bar. This was okay, heavy but I could do it. Then we moved to 20kg. Really heavy. Kind of felt like my arms were going to dislocate…
This is what I did:

Deadlifts: bar only 1 x 5
10kg 1 x 5
20kg 2 x 5

This was followed by squats. You put the bar across the top of your back, and squat really low. Did I mention the bar on its own is quite heavy? We ran through correct form and hand placement, did a set, then added plates. Working from 20 kg up to 80kg. Scott lied and said the 80 was just for him, then made me do it. Without a pad because I need to ‘man up’. Yupp thats going to bruise across my back…
This is what we did:

Squats: bar only 1 x 5
20kg 2 x 5
40kg 1 x 5
80kg 1 x 3

Moving onto leg press, we were both well aware that this would be my forte. We warmed up, then added weight.
This is what we did:

Leg press: no weight 1 x 5
40kg 1 x 8
80kg 1 x 5
120kg 1 x 5
160kg 1 x 5
I felt like a boss after doing that. It was akin to pressing my own and another persons body weight. So chuffed.

The next horrible, gruelling task was leg extensions. Scott was adamant that they would make me cry, and that he would rival the pain I was in after Ben Nevis. Well, he wasnt far off. The set is to go from tge highest weight possible, to the lightest, doing as many as possible until you literally can’t do any more at each weight. 7kgs never felt so heavy in my life. These were brutal. My legs were burning with effort, and I really thought I might cry. I didn’t, but it was close.

Leg extension:
Start at highest weight possible, go until failure
Work way up to lighest weight, working until failure at each level.
After the last set, hold the leg extension out for as long as possible

I thought that was the end. Unfortunately it wasn’t. We did the same thing on the leg press resistance machine. Not going to lie, my legs were not fit for movement afterwards.

Leg press resistance:
Start at highest weight possible, go until failure
Work way up to lighest weight, working until failure at each level. (In this one we skipped one level each time, so worked up to lightest weight by going to every other weight)
After the last set, hold the leg press out for as long as possible.

We were finally done, and had to navigate the stairs down to the exit. That in itself felt like a workout! Scott really pushed me in this session, and I found I could do more than my brain was telling me I could. I felt the ache in my legs all weekend, despite copious amounts of deep heat and protein!

Weigh in Day

Last weeks weight: 211 pounds

Current weight: 211 pounds

Goal for next week: 209

Maintained. Much better than putting back on which was what I was expecting. It’s been a bad food week! goal for next week is lose 2 pounds. I’ll be doing a lot  of walking this week so I’m hoping to tamper that with healthy foods and generate a loss.

The squat challenge is still ongoing, however I missed a couple of days so now I’m playing catch up by not having my rest days. If I am not too tired by this evening I may try to catch up on a days squats, and then I’ll be back on track.

I really want to start running again. I’ve been thinking about this this week and I want to get back into it. It felt good-afterwards anyway! I’m not sure if my ankle will be able to handle me running. It’s been sore and stiff the past couple of days. I guess I should keep exercising it and see how it feels in a few days!

Weigh in

Last weeks weight: 213 pounds

Current weight: 211 pounds

Goal for next week: 209

No idea how I managed that! But lets do it again for next week! So far so good with my 18 week plan.

Not really any changes with measurements, but that will happen when I lose more.

Wanted to go swimming this week, but I’ve come down with a bug that’s been going round. swimming always makes me even more ill if I’m a little ill. I’ll have to stick with my squats and walking everywhere-and sort out my diet!


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30 day squat challenge update!

Why hello there!

I’m on day 11 of the squat challenge at the moment, and I’m still going with it! big yays! it was at this point in the 30 day shred that I stopped (because of an ankle injury) thinking of getting back to that next week when life isn’t so hectic!

squats are going well. 110 squats for me today! For those who don’t know.. this is the plan I’m following:

Day 1-50 squats
Day 2-55 squats
Day 3-60 squats (prisoner squats)
Day 4-Rest
Day 5-70 squats (curtsy squat)
Day 6-75 squats
Day 7-80 squats (Curtsy Squat Rear Leg Lift )
Day 8-Rest
Day 9-100 squats (freehand jump squats)
Day 10-105 squats
Day 11-110 squats (split squat jump)
Day 12-Rest
Day 13-130 squats (bench pistol squat)
Day 14-135 squats
Day 15- 140 squats (prisoner siff squat)
Day 16-Rest
Day 17-150 squats (sissy squat)
Day 18- 155 squats
Day 19- 160 squats (skater squat)
Day 20-Rest
Day 21- 180 squats (one legged squats)
Day 22- 185 squats
Day 23- 190 squats (side squats)
Day 24-Rest
Day 25- 220 squats (Hindu squats )
Day 26- 225 squats (Pop Squats)
Day 27- 230 squats (frog squat)
Day 28-Rest
Day 29- 240 squats (plie squat)
Day 30- 250 squats (16 of each squat done during the challenge)

I haven’t been doing all of the modifications, but I have been trying to do as least one set with the modification included!
time to get cracking with my split jump squats. Wonder how many I’ll be able to manage?!

Update: only managed 10 split jumps! my ankle was not pleased with me jumping on it. Did 30 curtsy squats and 70 normal to get the 110 all together.

30 day squat challenge

Firstly, huge apologies for being MIA for a while!

Secondly, injury update! My ankle is healing slowly, so very slowly. I can walk it on now, pretty much normally again. it is still a little tender to touch, and I have reduced flexibility in it because of the ligament damage – if I turn it too far one way or the other it hurts, also when pressure is on it.

And back to the post’s title!

I found this online today, so I’ve decided to do it. here’s the rundown:

Day 1-50 squats
Day 2-55 squats
Day 3-60 squats
Day 4-Rest
Day 5-70 squats
Day 6-75 squats
Day 7-80 squats
Day 8-Rest
Day 9-100 squats
Day 10-105 squats
Day 11-110 squats
Day 12-Rest
Day 13-130 squats
Day 14-135 squats
Day 15- 140 squats
Day 16-Rest
Day 17-150 squats
Day 18- 155 squats
Day 19- 160 squats
Day 20-Rest
Day 21- 180 squats
Day 22- 185 squats
Day 23- 190 squats
Day 24-Rest
Day 25- 220 squats
Day 26- 225 squats
Day 27- 230 squats
Day 28-Rest
Day 29- 240 squats
Day 30- 250 squats

My thinking is, I can do these with my weights as well, or I can do them along side swimming, and maybe once my ankle is better alongside Jillian’s 30 Day Shred!

I’ve printed a chart with the amounts of squats on it, so I can cross them off each day and know where I am with them. I hope I stick with this.

oh my owie.

Arranged to do a workout with a bessie of mine, so we could motivate each other and watch each others stance & positioning.

I feel I should mention that my friend is a little bit of a fitness freak, just a little…

The workout seemed ok at first glance, but then realising we had to do 3 sets of everything made me think twice about that. it included lunges, squats, variations of them, abdominal work, arms, legs, the whole kaboose.

It was intense, we worked really hard and I’m really glad we did it. But man, I ACHE. And I will even more tomorrow. And the next day.

It will be worth it. It will be a good ache, one that reminds me I worked hard to achieve this