Weigh In Wednesday

I think I’m going to write this weigh in off as an anomaly. Apparently I’ve put on 6 pounds in just as many days. I know for certain that I am bloated and retaining water, and yesterday was a big food eaten late day.  It was the parentals anniversary, we went out for a meal but everyone had to wait for me to get home! So all of that food is probably sitting in my tummy waiting to be digested.

This week

Need to get ontop of this and stop eating so much crappy food. Filling, wholesome meals please!!

I haven’t ran for a while, just over a week in fact. I need to get back on this, bearing in mind that the race is next week!!! I’ve also started weight lifting, which I would like to stick to, but would depend on whether I can fit gym into my schedule more!

Trying to stay positive. Quite stressed at work at the moment which contributes to my eating badly…

Apologies for this post being a little late!