Workout Wednesday!

Just finished up at the gym, and am waiting for my bus home. Why not blog while I wait? In realtime-the bus just turned up and I’m blogging on the way home now. The joys of technology.

Ok, so gym. Here’s what I did:

Cross trainer-Hill intervals level 16 average. 45mins, 3 miles, 584 calories

Tricep resistance-14kg, 3 x 10 reps
Leg press resistance-30kg, 3 x 10 reps

Treadmill-10 mins, invervals: 90secs walk, 60 secs jog. 3m cooldown. 1.16 miles, 103 calories.

When I get home: short beginners yoga routine. And a shower. Sweaty is not a strong enough word…

EDIT : I have just seen that this is my 200th post! How exciting!


S health stats & weigh in


My food has been a bit up and down this week, so no amazing weight losses this week unfortunately. This week I must be strict with myself and get some exercise in too!

I often find that when I get home from work I am usually to tired to do anything. I need to make sure that I do something as soon as I get in, before I sit down and relax for the evening. I can’t see myself going out running in this weather, I would probably do it once and then quit. If only the treadmill want broken, that would be perfect. I’ll have to make do with doing a workout DVD in a small space…

Next weeks goal: 220 pounds


Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 206

Current weight: 206

Progress from last week: 0

Overall Progress: +1

My scales couldn’t seem to decide what I weighed. I weighed myself several times and they kept throwing up different numbers! I took the number that came up most often. I think its time to find a new battery for my scales.

Maintained again, I was half expecting to put on. I’m bound to put on over Christmas, but I’m going to try not to go too mad with food. I also plan to take advantage of the treadmill at home!

Next Monday I’m expecting to see a gain, hopefully not too much of one, but a gain none the less. As a target I’m going to try and maintain for this week, after the festivities at the beginning of the week, I’ll still have the end of the week to try and balance out again.

Highest weight: 213

loss so far: 7 pounds

target: not to put on over Christmas week


Merry Christmas!

weigh day again!

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 205 pounds

Progress so far: 0


Maintained this week, a little disappointing, I would have like to have lost but oh welllll.

I am going to start running this week – on a treadmill – I’m really not very good at running, I’m going to have to start with small distances and increase as I improve.

I’m hoping I wont gain this week, but as I’m at home again there’s a risk that I will eat too much!

to-do: post a proper start weight photo

run on treadmill

weigh in!

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 204.5

Progress so far: -0.5                   woooooooop

Mum’s progress so far: -7   -still maintained from last week

wowee, two weeks of losses. 5 pounds in total! now I’m below my original start weight. finallyyyy. I’m at home this week, so I’m expecting I could put on again, I hope I wont though. Will have to get on the treadmill at some point this week. Will also more than likely end up doing lots of walking. which will be good 🙂

plan for the week… walk alot; try not to eat everything; and use the treadmill and wii fit.