30DS: Day 9

I almost didn’t do my workout today. I’ve been working in a theatre all day and evening so have been on my feet for most of the time, and am quite tired. However, because I was naughty with my food today (really bad – chips and biscuits) I thought I can’t really get away with not dong it, and I also didn’t want to miss a day. Having said that, I didn’t work as hard as I would normally because of having sore feet blah blah.

I’m glad I did do it, at least I’ll sleep soundly tonight!

Belated weigh in. right back up there. 72 to shed.

2012 start weight: 202

Last weeks weigh in: 200

Today’s weigh in: 202    😐

9th April goal: 195        definitly didnt hit that.

June 18th goal: 181

Ultimate goal: 130

yeah  so I’m right back where I started. all over again. but I’ve been eating badly which is why. and i know that, but I still end up doing it!! its very frustrating.

also, I did weigh in on monday, but I didn’t blog about it because I had work…ran out of time

weird thing is, even though I’ve been putting weight back on, people have been adamant that i  look thinner. which I dont think is possible when compared to the evidence of WEIGHT GAIN. and I know for sure it isn’t muscle, because I haven’t been to the gym in ages…I don’t understaaandddddd.

this weeks aim-eat more fruit instead of unhealthy snacks….