A new day, another Weigh day

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 208

Progress so far: +3

last week I had weighed myself after breakfast, and the next morning ire-weighed to check the figures, and was only half a pound lighter, so not a lot of difference there!

I was surprised to have lost this week, i haven’t been eating particularly good foods. I must be eating less overall…maybe?

I’m creeping back away from 15stone (210 pounds), I’m glad I didn’t hit it because that would have been a huge confidence drop…which is not something I need when going out and exercising in public. eep.

this week my eating should settle down into a regular pattern again, and I can start forward planning my meals. Being back at uni next week will give me more structure in my week, making planning meals easier. Which should help with weight loss. yays2