Weigh in Wednesday

After my venting session last Thursday things have improved. I’m still eating well, and have spoken to the people that I was upset with and – hopefully – resolved things. All good. I’m in a better place emotionally now.

Last Week: 229.8 pounds
Today: 227.2 pounds
To lose for goal 1: 17.7 pounds

A loss of 2.6 pounds this week. Finally we are heading in the right direction again! Now I just need to keep up the better eating habits and keep on losing. I feel good because I’ve lost a little bit – I know I didn’t hit my target from last week (225 pounds) but a loss is a loss regardless. I may end up way off my March Goal, but I am still aiming for it, and will lose more this month in the run up towards it. If I can get within 7 pounds of it I’ll be pleased…

Biscuit Ban Update
This has been going surprisingly well. There are biscuits at work which I consider to be my favorites, but I haven’t touched them at all. I only crave them when I see other people eating them…But so far so good on the avoidance front.

Ben Nevis Update
My flu-cold is almost gone, so I am back into training for Ben Nevis now. At the weekend I did a 3.7km walk with steep hills on Saturday, followed by a 5km walk with some gentler hills on Sunday. Going forward I need to up the distance of the walks and get some more hills in.

Goals for Next Week
Weight: 224 pounds
Exercise: Walk 8km


Ben Nevis 2015

Readers from last year may be aware that I went up Ben Nevis in 2014. We didn’t get to the top, and It was a harrowing experience, full of pain and crying.

So naturally, I’m doing it again this year. To the top.

I am soo stupid.

Well, no, I’m not stupid; but I am worried about doing it again.

I’ve made a training plan, and am aiming to get up to walking the distance required for Ben Nevis two weeks beforehand, and then a long (but shorter) distance the week before to taper down in the run up to it.

This year there are 5 of us going. The same 4 from last year – Me, Andrew, Hux’ and Kay – additionally Alex will be joining us for the ascent. We’ll be heading up to Scotland in the last week of April, with me doing some of the driving! Exciting. Last year we went up on 01-04-14. Going at the end of the month means – hopefully – we will have better conditions and less snow.

Waaaa I’m scared

Weigh in Wednesday

I missed weigh in last week, I was in Birmingham for work and had no scales. Oops. I know the past couple of weeks haven’t been great food-wise, so I’m expecting the worst!

2 weeks ago: 225 pounds
Today: 228 pounds
To Lose for Goal 1: 18.5 pounds

Gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks.
I have 6 and a half weeks until my first weight goal, and I’m quite far off at the moment. I need to lose 3 pounds a week to reach it…seems a little daunting! Especially as it’s my birthday tomorrow and I will be eating cake and whatnot…

Urg. I’m going to have to exercise a mass amount of restraint this week. And for the whole 6 weeks! Waaaa

Okay. Well, getting down to business as it were, I have lots of walks planned and not much money to buy food. Therefore, I have no snacky foods at home and some exercise planned. It is possible to do this! I can do this.

I’ll be tracking my food religiously and logging exercise. I’ll be making better food choices, and avoiding the biscuits at work at all costs. No biscuits for 6 weeks.

In fact, I’m setting that as a challenge!

6 week challenge
No biscuits for 6 weeks.

Boom. Done. I’ll keep you posted…

For next week:
Weight: 225 pounds
Food: avoid biscuits and eat 1500 calories a day
Exercise: Go on a long walk or hike at the weekend

Weigh in Wednesday

Morning one and all, it’s another Wednesday.

Last week: 221 pounds
Today: 223.5 pounds
To Lose for Goal 1: 13 pounds

I’m glad to report I’m feeling better this week, though not fully recovered as of yet. The monumental weight loss last week – at least partially – must have been down to being ill, and vomiting the night before weigh in. I’m not too distressed by the gain because it’s a sign I’m getting over tonsillitis. Overall it’s still a loss of 4 pounds this month.

Last week a comment VetRunner posted got me thinking. VR said “try not to put too much pressure on goals, try to enjoy the things you are trying to achieve” (ie the general process of losing weight and being healthier). Sound advice. I mulled it over, and I do tend to lose sight of the process and feeling good when concentrating on the numbers and goals. Going forward I think I should remind myself of that now and then! With that in mind, here’s my week roundup:

Last weeks goal: Eat within 1500 calories 6 / 7 days
I did: 4 / 7 days
Not too shabby, and the days I didnt make it were not over by too big of a number. I feel that I need to learn more about healthy snacks and find ones that I like enough to substitute for unhealthy snacks. The volume of my eating has decreased, which is good. It’s nice to be thinking about food less inbetween meals!

Last weeks goal: Burn 1000 calories
I did: 0 / 1000
I did, in fact, burn calories through the week and get some walking in as my exercise. However I ate back those calories so they don’t count as additional burnt off! I’ve enjoyed being out walking on my lunch break, it does me a world of good to get out of the office. This week I’m hoping to get running again if I’m feeling recovered enough, I want to feel like I am able to run again.

Last weeks goal: Get 8 hours sleep 4 / 7 nights
I did: 3 / 7 nights
Getting more sleep makes me feel better about my whole day. Unfortunately, I suck at getting enough sleep during the week. I’m working on this and am hoping to get into a good wind down routine in the evenings which will help.

Goals For Next Week
Weight: 221 Pounds
Food: Eat 1500 calories 6 / 7 days
Exercise: Burn 1000 calories
Sleep: Get 8 hours sleep 4 / 7 nights

Treadmill Tuesday

I missed my running group on Monday evening – this was due to not having the car again because the parentals motor is out of action. I had planned on gyming instead, but ended up not going, and went tonight instead.

I had very little time at the gym because my train home was delayed, so I hopped onto the treadmill and got started.

Distance: 2.26km
Time: 26:41
Incline: 2% average incline

I pushed myself to run for 1k. I got there, then I pushed myself to run 1.2. I got to there too, and decided to push for 1.5k. I got to 1.5k, and took note of the fact that I just ran for 15 minutes without stopping. That’s the longest time I’ve ever ran for before!! I did this at a pace of 6km/h. Once I hit the 1.5k, I slowed to a walk for a little while, then did a fast paced run at 7.5km/h to stretch my legs out and push myself. This pace didn’t last long, and I worked my way back down to a walk before cooling down.

I’m really glad I went to the gym this evening, I acheived something I didn’t think I could!

On a seperate, but related note – I think I am in need of a gait analysis and decent running trainers! I think it would help to alleviate some of the ankle and knee pain I’ve been feeling…

Happy 2nd of December!

Monday Runday

Happy Monday everyone.

Tonight was hard, I didn’t really want to do it, but I dragged myself out as I knew I hadn’t been in a week…There were 6 of us doing the 5k, two ladies (Ms. E and Ms. C) ran the whole way because they’re amazing, and the rest of us were just trying to survive the route. Ms. T was acting as our trainer, and she pushed and motivated us to keep running. I found this really helpful because I was feeling so unmotivated! I’m quite certain that I ran more of the 5k than I ever have before…Eeevverrrr.

Big thank you to Ms. T for pushing me through it.

Here’s the stats:

Distance: 5.6k

Total Time: 51:43

Moving Time: 49:56

Average Pace: 8:54/km


Strava Splits 24-11-14

I feel good after doing this, I feel like I achieved something! Though I’m quite certain that tomorrow morning I’ll be feeling the ache. Lots of protein tomorrow I think…

Had issues with my ankles again today, methinks I need better trainers. except I can’t really afford them…so I doubt that will be happening any time soon.


Goals for the next run

  • Stay motivated
  • warm up ankles
  • keep going


Since my last post about running I haven’t been out to run. At all. Big fat oops on my part that’s for sure!

I dragged myself out for a run yesterday evening, and it went well. I turned up to the meeting point for my running group, saw only 2 or 3 people I recognised, and awkwardly stood around in different groups until I found someone to talk to. Yupp, I am a social butterfly. Watch me go.

I fell in with a couple of ladies – one of which I met the first time I went with this group, and another who was out on her first run with Medway Runners. I ended up spending pretty much all of the run with the new lady, as we were both running at about the same pace.

The run was good, it was cold, dark and wet, but exhilarating to be out. I was having a bit of trouble with my chest and a had a couple of stitches, but I continued on. I didn’t run all of it, I think the longest amount of time I spent actually running was about 5-7 minutes. I’m not sure exactly!

Run Stats:

Distance: 3.8km

Total Time: 36:26

Moving Time: 33:46

Average pace: 8:53/km


10-11-14 strava splits









I would like to run for more of the route next time. I will be really pleased with myself when I can manage to run 10 minutes or 1 kilometer without walking…

GOAL: Run for 10 minutes without walking or stopping